Chinese Age: 37     Fortune Year 1997     Ms. Princess Diana     Jul, 1 1961     Stem: 6-3-1-8
Western Age: 36     Year of the Ox     Sandringham, UK     7:45 pm BST     Branch: 2-9-7-2
Hexagram 32.5 - The Heng Hexagram, 5th Moving Line
Heng Enduring, Constancy, Long Lasting

The Heng hexagram signifies the enduring. Tranquility and peace are long lasting. [Taking] no action is best. The changing of the four seasons is the constant movement of Heaven. The sun and the moon turn round, and give off their light everywhere. The superior man establishes himself without changing his approaches [methods].

When Song Yu took away Han Peng's wife with force, he obtained this hexagram. She became his wife in the end.

This Ancient I-Ching Pictograph Holds Secret Clues to Your Fate, Fortune and Destiny This Year:

 The sun is behind the clouds. It is shining off at noon.
 The phoenix is holding a letter in its beak. It is a decree from the emperor (important letter, document, information or communication).
 An official is walking on the way. He meets an influential (noble) man.
 A Taoist priest points to the gate (doorway). He has entered into the heavenly gate (way).
 The two rats on the road signify that the official will return in the Chinese month, or on the Chinese day or hour of zi (the time of the rat). People can wait for him.
 If the consulter keeps to the usual way, it will do.

A hexagram of permanent brightness of the sun and the moon.
An image of four seasons changing in good order.

King Wen's Judgment: The Heng hexagram signifies there will be success without any blame. It is beneficial [favorable] to persevere. It is beneficial [favorable] to have somewhere to go [venture forth, make changes].

Symbol Tradition: Thunder and Wind symbolize constancy [duration, enduring]. The superior man stands [remains] firm and does not change his ways [direction, method].

Confucius: Heng, everlasting. Everlasting brings success without blame. He who obtains the everlasting way should understand it is favorable both for perseverance and change.

Because you were born in a Yin year:

The storm sends the colossal bird into the high sky,
He expects to cover a long, long cloudy path.
And soar with support of the western wind,
From now on, ascent to heights is without hardship.

This is a January (1st lunar month) hexagram.

Spring:    Auspicious
Summer:    Bad
Autumn:    Loss of wealth
Winter:    Peaceful
This is your personal "Karma Calculator" reading for the year, containing your main fortune reading and advice on how to change your fortune. Please remember to read everything symbolically and translate the ancient Chinese indications to their modern equivalents.

Nine at the fifth line: The flying dragon is in heaven, and it is favorable for the great man to appear.

This line tells that he is such a noble man with good virtue and high position that others can only watch and follow, they cannot surpass him.

For an individual of great virtue and merit, the individual wins great deeds and fame, and enjoys a life of great wealth and respect.

For just an ordinary individual, the individual cannot shoulder such a responsibility. Although he has great ambition, it is as difficult for him to realize it as for a man to climb up the sky bare-handed.

In such a year, an official fails to secure a lofty and irreproachable position, a scholar can find a way to a high position. A commoner will receive help from a noble man and fulfill his plans and ambitions.

Possibly he who waits in seclusion gets close to the powerful. Or a high official has his mansions under construction, or the monarch has his palaces under construction. If it is a woman, she will be in a powerful position as a man. It is unavoidable that she is lonely and can meet disaster. If it is ominous for several times, then it is a sign of lawsuit.

Two poems for the fifth line:

A woman should be chaste to one husband,
And she should be kind and obedient.
A husband should be resolute,
For obedience to his wife brings disaster.

The second:

Word spreads that it is good fortune for women,
And a virtuous woman should even more keep chaste.
What about the things that happen in the future?
He expects to see a clear sky when clouds scatter.

The following hexagram transformations of your original karma calculation will reveal fortune secrets not found in your main reading.
  The Original Hexagram - Your Basic Fortune For This Year: 32.5
Steadiness [perseverence] in being virtuous [obedient] will bring good fortune to a woman [ wife], but misfortune to a man [husband, head of the household].
A wife should loyally follow her husband through all conditions, but a man should not be an unquestioning follower; the leadership role requires independence, flexibility and adaptability.
The Opposite Hexagram - Your Mind-Body Fortune: 42.5
If you are sincere and have kindness in your heart, you need not ask. Supreme good fortune. When there is sincerity, virtue is favored [recognized].
  The Nuclear Hexagram - Your Close Relationships Fortune: 43.5
Eradicating [eliminating, uprooting] the weeds with firm [unflagging] resolution. Follow the middle way [steer a middle course] and there will be no blame.
  The Reverse Hexagram - External Relationship Fortune: 31.5
An influence is felt in the upper back [shoulder muscles]. There will be no regret.
The upper back is the stiffest part of the body, symbolizing firm conviction. To influence others you must have deep convictions.
  The Future Hexagram - The Potential Future Situation: 28.5
The withered willow [poplar] tree blossoms [produces flowers]. An old woman marries a young husband. No blame [harm, fault] - no praise.
If you need help or guidance during the year for situation or problem that arises, check here for advice from the sages.

Weather: It rains for a long time. It will become clear on the Chinese calendar day of si or wu .

Seeking an official post: It is difficult at first, then easy. He is sure to succeed.

Marriage: There are quarrels in the first marriage. The second marriage is successful. The woman is short with a child. Possibly after the marriage, one of her parents dies. It is only fit to marry a city girl.

Pregnancy: It will be a boy. There is disaster for the mother. If the divination is cast on the Chinese day of you , it can be avoided.

Tomb siting: There is water in front of the tomb. If not, there is a road.

House: It is near the waterside or in the town. It is only appropriate for the family to observe old customs.

Seeking wealth: It is easy to seek in town, but with much worry and care. Be aware of possible disputes.

Expecting a thing: He gains big profits with little cost, but gains little when he expects too much. There is a quarrel. In the government office in town, he may see a noble man and meets with him. Some ghosts or thieves make trouble, but they bring no disaster.

Lost things: The object has been taken away. A child in the northwest saw the living thing was in the forest or field.

Traveling: It is not favorable. Be aware of possible quarrels.

Traveler: He will come by way of a trail. Be aware of quarrels or disputes. If he meets a noble man, the dispute will be resolved.

Dealings: It is successful in the end with the support of a noble man.

Looking for a person: It is better to wait for some time, or to look for him together with someone else.

Calling on a noble man: The letter expresses a cordial welcome, but there are repeated changes for the meeting time. There is a meeting on the Chinese day of wu or you .

Harvest of crops or silk cocoons: It is a bumper one.

Arresting a criminal: He is difficult to catch. The result will come out in three days, or possibly in three years.

Illness: He went to the northwest, and offended the ghost of weapons, the ghost of the wounded and dead, the ghost of those who hanged themselves (committed suicide). His ethereal and corporal souls have been taken away and sold to the god of Wuyou. He feels cold, then feverish, and feels heavy in his four limbs, suffers from stomach reflux, and vomits. When a man bleeds on the fifth of lunar January, there's a disaster of blood loss. Offer sacrifice to the family ancestors, the ghost of weapons, the ghost of those who hanged themselves, the ghost of blood and earth, the god of half day, the god of Wuyou, the god of armor, express thanks to the kitchen god, and to two or three condoling guests who pass through the mourning door of the white tiger.

For a child: Offer sacrifice to the parents of his previous life, the five road boy, the old couple of transformation, the god of half day, the god of Wuyou, the god of armour, drive back the seven demons. Send off the god of stars, then there will be good fortune.

Lawsuit: It is a dispute caused by the inferior man. There is an alarm but no harm. The man with the Chinese radical ["ren" - man] or ["kou" - mouth] in his name helps a lot. Be aware on the Chinese calendar day of you or chou .