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This Chinese Astrology Karma Calculator Reading Will Amaze You By Revealing Your Personal Fortune Secrets Unavailable Through Any Other Chinese Horoscope Technique ... Guaranteed!

Do you want to know what fate that Chinese astrology reveals is in store for you ... the events of your future? Are you looking for the personal prophecies of your life?

Yes, you can get this type of heavenly information, sometimes even the names of people and specific dates that will matter in your life ... but only through a special ancient Chinese Karma Calculator prediction technique that was recently rediscovered. It is a special type of Chinese astrology reading that produces a Chinese horoscope based on combining the I-Ching with several secret astrology techniques.

You certainly won't find this information through regular Western astrology or Vedic astrology methods. Those methods need a skilled interpreter or astrologer to make predictions which may or may not come true, whereas the Karma Calculator method reveals the exact events to be expected which you simply read from an ancient book. So for what most people really want to know about their future, only a special form of secret "Karma Calculation," which was invented in ancient China using the mathematics of astronomy, astrology, feng shui and the I-Ching, can provide you with highly accurate predictions. It's more accurate than a Chinese horoscope reading or a reading from the many types of Chinese astrology commonly available. It's a secret technique that has been handed down from ancient books, and only exists here.

This method has been locked away for centuries and because of its exclusivity and rarity, was only available to the richest and most privileged of Chinese dignitaries. It was only through a stroke of luck that I was introduced to a Chinese astrology master who taught me this method to keep the tradition alive. It took me over a decade to translate, edit and then make available the ancient Chinese astrology texts he assembled for the Karma Calculator and to produce the only English translations of these materials in the world. The original teacher of this I-ching - Chinese horoscope fate forecasting system has since passed away, so it's not even available in Asia anymore!

I know for a fact that fortune telling methods this powerful always have a habit of suddenly dying out and then taking hundreds of years to be rediscovered, if at all. Heaven doesn't want everyone to be able to know their future. Chinese astrology has a history of its most powerful horoscope forecasting methods being lost through the generations. So if you're interested in having a special Chinese astrology horoscope reading done of your future which you can reference over and over again in the coming years ahead, then act now because I cannot guarantee how much longer this method will remain available. Something always happens when astrology prediction methods this powerful become publicly available, so I personally know this method won't be available forever.

An emphatic "No!" -- this is NOT one of the "dime a dozen" Chinese astrology readings you can get everywhere on the internet. It's not a Chinese horoscope reading that talks about your personality but makes LIFE EVENT predictions for every year of your life. Actual events such as the year you get married, make money, move to another house, have children, get promoted, finances are tight, and so on.

These are your own personal karma secrets which are revealed through an amazing combination of Chinese astrology, feng shui, astronomy and Chinese I-Ching methods that were developed by Chinese sages and turned into one super powerful system. Regular Chinese astrology cannot even come close to predicting the type of events revealed by the Karma Calculator technique, nor can western or Indian astrology. If you just look at the sample readings, you'll see exactly the type of information you'll be getting for each year of your life you order - no tricks, no excuses, no substitutions.

How does the Chinese astrology Karma Calculator method work?

The Chinese astrology Karma Calculator method relies on the lunar calendar rather than the positions of planets and astrological signs as used in Western astrology and with Indian Vedic horoscopes. While planets, transits, houses, progressions and yogas are important in Western and Vedic astrology (Jyotish), they play no role in this unique, totally different prediction system. The method is also based on a special numerological counting system that needs to know whether you are male or female, which also makes it uniquely different than ordinary astrological methods. So it's totally different than anything else you find on the internet -- no Chinese astrology site, Chinese horoscope site, feng shui site, or Ba Tzu, 9-star,Tzu Wei (Purple Star) or any other method can produce these predictions. When you look at the readings you'll see they are totally unique.

In rare instances, a Chinese astrology Karma Calculator reading for a year can reveal secret details as to the exact names of people, dates and places coming up in your life, which is impossible in astrology, tarot, numerology and other fate forecasting systems. There's no interpretation involved -- you just read the information from the ancient Chinese texts we've had translated, and it's either there or not. Just imagine knowing ahead of time the birth year or name of the individual who is going to place a future role in your fortune for 2010, 2011 or any other year you choose! With previous years you can see how accurate it was in the past. What other method can do that?

If your future Chinese astrology fortune coming up is bad for a certain period or area of your life, the Karma Calculator even gives you specific advice on how to change that bad fortune and reveals the "to do" list for handling the specific situations you might encounter. It tells you what to do to change your fortune for the better.

I'll say that again: it actually tells you how to change your fortune when a bad period is coming up! With information on "personal prophecy," you have the power in your hands to make things happen and change them once you have the blueprint of what will occur.

This is what everybody really wants from astrology, but which astrology cannot provide. An astrologer has to provide that sort of advice himself, so the information is biased by their skill. With the Karma Calculator, the sages of the past already determined what situation would arise for you based on their calculations and then revealed how you should handle it to transform it for the better. The Karma Calculator provides clear predictions and clear advice on what to do to change any bad things about to happen so you never have to fear your future again.

You can't really call the Karma Calculator system "Chinese astrology," although it shares some characteristics with Chinese Tzu Wei (Purple Emperor, Zi Wei Dou Shu), Ba Tzu (8 elements), Five Element, Nine Star, Iron Abacus and other forms of Chinese fortune telling. People know the term "Chinese astrology," however, so it's a good first start at the naming.

You can't call it "Chinese numerology" either, even though the secret computation method involves a numerological system that doesn't reference the position of stars and planets in the sky.

You can't really call this a pure "I-Ching" (Yi-jing) system either, even though it heavily relies on I-Ching mathematics to come up with its highly accurate predictions, and uses the secrets of the I-Ching to determine how to change one situation into another (a better one). It also uses the I-Ching symbolism of hexagrams (known as "Gua" in Chinese) to describe your fortune since that's the most compact system of description available that would last throughout the centuries. Nevertheless it isn't a purely I-Ching divination technique.

It's not a "feng shui" system either, even though it uses feng shui computations and reveals yearly secrets of feng shui tips for you ... secrets that come from two never-before-translated Chinese texts that are nearly a thousand years old. If you're looking for a new house or burial site, it can tell you what to seek that year and will tell you what are the feng shui influences if you pick the wrong type of location. It's all done according to your fortune. Your unique Chinese horoscope computed according to Chinese astrology plus feng shui and I-Ching methods produces a series of predictions for every year of your life.

So what are we left with?

How is this special Chinese astrology method different than ordinary Chinese horoscope readings?

This is a unique Chinese astrology event forecasting system, totally new to western audiences, and finally revealed to the Western world after having been locked away by the Chinese for ages. It's absolutely the best "Karma Calculator" you'll ever encounter that reveals the details of your karmic destiny for every year of your life ... that is, if you're willing to order one.

No other Chinese horoscope method produces this information, no Chinese astrology method produces these forecasts, no Western Astrology method produces even forecasts written out for you, and Vedic astrology falls short as well.

I urge you to look at some of the samples provided of famous people, and you'll quickly get an idea of how much information this provides for every year of your life, and how to read this ancient Chinese astrology horoscope oracle.

Take a look at the examples provided, and you'll see that this Secret Karma Calculator will provide you with predictions and advice on how to handle business deals, lawsuits, health problems, relationship issues, feng shui problems and much, much more. It tells you when you can expect to get rich, receive a promotion, start a love affair and even unexpected happiness. Whenever an important decision arises during the year, all you need to do is check to see if the situation matches for the advice you're seeking.

Most importantly -- No matter what you've done or haven't done, it tells you how to change your fortune for the better.

For the BETTER! It's like a wise experienced mentor who knows EXACTLY the correct advice to give you for every year, giving you guidance and clarity like a lighthouse and its beacon.

There's nothing else like this out there, whether we're talking about Western, Indian (Vedic) and Chinese astrology and numerology, feng shui, tarot and any other fortune technique. So why wait any longer to find out the karmic secrets of your life path? You should act now while the information is still available.

This is how you can finally know when you'll get married, get wealthy, get a new job, move to a new house, have kids and avoid or solve the future troubles destined to arise as well as celebrities the future happiness you have in store. You can look forward to the good fortune periods coming and avoid the bad periods, turning them around for the better with the secret indications provided.

To celebrate your coming wealth, wisdom and wellness, just click on the order button now and choose as many years as you'd like! If you've ever wanted to try Chinese astrology for a unique Chinese Horoscope reading that gives actual life event predictions, this is for you.

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