Chinese Age: 67     Fortune Year 2007     Mr. Dick Cheney     Jan, 30 1941     Stem: 1-6-7-8
Western Age: 66     Year of the Pig     Lincoln, Nebraska     7:30 pm CST     Branch: 5-4-3-6
Hexagram 43.5 - The Guai Hexagram, 5th Moving Line
Guai • Resolution, Break Through, Resoluteness, Determination, Decision, Eliminating, Parting, Skipping

The Guai hexagram signifies determination, resolution, eliminating, breakthrough. The Qian trigram and the Dui trigram [within it] symbolize two hostile sides. They hate to hear each other. Any agreement or contract cannot go into effect even if things are easy. It is difficult to settle them. Some clear decisions are to be made and measures to be taken to bring good fortune and success. Good people will receive no blame, and evil ones must reform themselves.

When Liu Bang was ready to appoint Han Xin as a general, he obtained this hexagram, and knew he had the talent to assist him as the Han emperor.

This Ancient I-Ching Pictograph Holds Secret Clues to Your Fate, Fortune and Destiny This Year:

» Two men travel together, on their way ahead they encounter water, fire, a tiger and a snake. All this implies various alarms and fears on the journey.
» A man slays the snake (using a sword). He is a warrior and will be a companion.
» The Chinese word "writing" ("literature") is on a flag at the top of the pole, and a pile of coins is at the bottom of the pole. This means after experiencing all sorts of hardships, he will receive wealth and fame.

A hexagram of magical (divine) sword to slay an evil dragon.
An image of decrease preceding increase.

King Wen's Judgment: The Guai hexagram signifies the superior person exposes [declares] the truth at the royal court, proclaiming it sincerely. There is danger. Notify the city [your own people] it is not beneficial to resort to arms [use force]. It is beneficial to have somewhere to go [take some action, venture forth].

Symbol Tradition: Lake above Heaven symbolizes determination. The superior man distributes his wealth [riches, benefits] to the people below him and does not think of his own benefit.

Confucius: When he is determined to get rid of the inferior man, he must make known his crimes and call on the people to fight together. Still there is danger, so he cannot feel contentment and be carefree.

Because you were born in a Yin year:

Without any reason, he doubts about the good way,
To advance, he fears failure, to retreat, he grudges it.
The noble (influential) man outside the gate is insightful and
Confident at the turn between the Snake and Tiger years.

This is a March (3rd lunar month) hexagram.

Spring:    Peaceful
Summer:    Auspicious
Autumn:    Auspicious
Winter:    Bad
This is your personal "Karma Calculator" reading for the year, containing your main fortune reading and advice on how to change your fortune. Please remember to read everything symbolically and translate the ancient Chinese indications to their modern equivalents.

Nine at the fifth line: The inferior man is like purslain: he is firmly determined to get rid of him. He follows the middle way and will not receive blame.

This line indicates that the ruler can eliminate the inferior man but he is not brave, and giving the warning for the sake of goodness he must make up his mind.

For an individual of great virtue and merit, the individual is wise and will not fall into the inferior man’s treachery, “He keeps to the middle way, but will not cause a sudden change for the inferior man. He rectifies the discipline in the government above and cleans up the customs among the people below. He makes great contributions, and brings everlasting happiness and benefits."

For just an ordinary individual, the individual is timid and irresolute; he is willful and biased. He likes to give small favors, but may have unexpected trouble and disaster.

In such a year, an official should be aware of seemingly innocent evil and a scholar has some minor successes, but has not won his fame. He becomes wise after long difficulties, and the idle official resumes his post. A commoner succeeds in his endeavors. The plaintiff wins and the patient recovers.

Three poems for the fifth line:

He keeps upright and attacks the evil toadies,
Who will dare to stand up, to contend with him?
Being unyielding, he commits no great mistake,
But the important thing is to keep to the middle way.

The second:

The great king sets an example with his virtue;
He is firmly determined for he keeps to the middle way.
With no blame, happy days arrive of their own accord,
And celebrations will naturally be held at the royal court.

The third:

Everything is difficult,
And suddenly with no reason troubles come.
Everything is easy.
He achieves success while laughing and talking.

The following hexagram transformations of your original karma calculation will reveal fortune secrets not found in your main reading.
  The Original Hexagram - Your Basic Fortune For This Year: 43.5
Eradicating [eliminating, uprooting] the weeds with firm [unflagging] resolution. Follow the middle way [steer a middle course] and there will be no blame.
The Opposite Hexagram - Your Mind-Body Fortune: 23.5
The palace ladies string together one after another like a line of fish to win the king’s favor. Nothing is unfavorable [nothing will not be advantageous].
  The Nuclear Hexagram - Your Close Relationships Fortune: 1.5
The flying dragon is in the sky [heavens]. It is beneficial [advantageous, auspicious] to see the great man.
The dragon flies high in the sky, gliding (winging) through the heavens. It is beneficial to see the great man.
  The Reverse Hexagram - External Relationship Fortune: 44.5
Willow leaves [twigs] cover the melon. The beauty [brilliance, glory] is concealed. It descends [falls down] from heaven.
  The Future Hexagram - The Potential Future Situation: 34.5
Loses a ram [sheep] in the Kingdom of Yi [in a field]. There is no regret [remorse].
If you need help or guidance during the year for situation or problem that arises, check here for advice from the sages.

Weather: There is alternating rain and sunshine until the stable clear Chinese calendar day of chen  or si .

House: Family members are restless. Be alert against fire. Burning incense in the god’s temple will give protection and bring good fortune.

Location of family tomb: Some trees have fallen at its side, or some new trees grow at its side. It bodes that the man and woman love sex.

Seeking an official post: Failure. Be aware of a trap on the Chinese days of yin and mao .

Marriage: Someone opposes it, but it will succeed in the end. If it is the second marriage, the couple will get along well only after the marriage.

Pregnancy: It is a boy and he will be delivered soon. He can be seen on the Chinese day of you or wei . If the divination is obtained through the way of Fire for the fourth line, there will be no disaster.

Going out: There is possible loss and mistake. It is only fit to keep to the old way.

Seeking wealth: There are five or six tenths (50-60%). It is better for two men to seek together. They will obtain it.

The lost: There is only a message about it, but the object itself cannot be found. Three men possibly have seen it. If you meet a man with a pot belly, you can ask him. He knows the whereabouts.

Expecting a thing: Someone opposes it, but after a long time there is success.

Traveler: He has some disease. If he goes out, it will be difficult for him to return.

Looking for a person: You and he move in the opposite directions. If he just sets off, then you can meet him.

Dealings: It is difficult to make a deal.

Calling on a noble man: It is still in time, but even if he sees the man, it will not be regarded as an honorable thing.

Harvest of crops and cocoons: Average.

Chasing a robber: It is difficult to catch him in the end. On the Chinese day of shen or you , his tracks can be seen at the side of the bridge near a stream in the west.

Illness: He went to the southeast and offended the lion god, the god of five magic powers, and the temple god. They have taken away his ethereal and corporal souls. He has fits of cold and fever, heartache and pains in the abdomen, takes in no food or drink, and his four limbs are restless. He has been beaten twice by an elf with a stick, and feels pains in his hands and feet. His illness keeps on like this and shows no sign of recovery. Offer sacrifice to the family ancestors, the temple god, the ghost of the underwood, the three saints, the ghost of those who hanged themselves, the ghost of wounded and dead, and the spiritual priest of five ways. Express thanks to the kitchen god, and send off the god of stars.

For a child: Offer sacrifice to the parents of your previous life, the five road boy, the old couple of transformation, the god of Wuyou. And drive back the demons.

Lawsuit: The final judgement will be made soon. It is better to be in a hurry than to be slow. A favor for oneself may bring harm to others.