Chinese Age: 47     Fortune Year 1992     Mr. Bill Clinton     Aug, 19 1946     Stem: 4-2-3-3
Western Age: 46     Year of the Monkey     Hope, Arkansas     8:50 am     Branch: 12-2-9-11
Hexagram 4.1 - The Meng Hexagram, 1st Moving Line
Meng • Youthful Inexperience, Immaturity, Youthful Folly, Blindness, The Young Shoot, Childhood
The Meng hexagram signifies ignorance. The spring at the foot of the mountain twists and turns. Confusion follows puzzlement, worries follow mistakes. Illness follows disease. He is at a loss whether to advance or retreat.

Wang Mang usurped the throne of the Han Dynasty. When he obtained this hexagram and knew there would be an Han emperor to revitalize the country.

This Ancient I-Ching Pictograph Holds Secret Clues to Your Fate, Fortune and Destiny This Year:

» A deer and a pile of coins signify wealth and official salary.
» A box means a natural harmony (with others).
» A branch (twig) of a plum tree breaks, which means there is still another way (other twigs).
» Two men pole a boat filled with precious treasure on the river. They have gained great profits and are on their way home with honor and wealth.

A hexagram of a man hoarding treasure and salary.
An image of myriad things beginning to grow.

King Wen's Judgment: The Meng hexagram signifies success. It is not I who seek the ignorant , but the ignorant seeks help from me. The first time he performs the divination, I answer his question. But the second or third time is disrespectful [insulting, contemptuous, annoying]. Because it is insulting, I give no more instruction. It is better to persevere.

Symbol Tradition: A Spring at the foot of the Mountain signifies youthful ignorance and inexperience. The superior person cultivates his character [virtue] through resolute [decisive] action.

Confucius: Meng, ignorance. He who obtains the hexagram will succeed. In divination, if I am wise, the other seeks help from me. If I am the ignorant, I beg help from the other. It is favorable for both to persevere.

Because you were born in a Yang year:

Small alarm on the opposite riverside brings no danger,
Wood burned down, smoke scattered, bamboo turned into ashes,
The recuperation of yang qi (chi) heralds good news,
Laughing in the cold snow, he admires plum blossoms at the riverside.

This is an August (8th lunar month) hexagram.

Spring:    Bad
Summer:    Peaceful
Autumn:    Unfavourable
Winter:    Quarrelsome
This is your personal "Karma Calculator" reading for the year, containing your main fortune reading and advice on how to change your fortune. Please remember to read everything symbolically and translate the ancient Chinese indications to their modern equivalents.

Six at the bottom line: For enlightenment, discipline is necessary; without it, the enlightened will grief encounter.

This line describes the way in which the superior man enlightens the uninitiated and thus it is a warning.

For an individual of great virtue and merit, the individual enjoys close contact with persons of status and prestige. He is diligent in his profession. He may become famous without taking the examinations, or receive promotion without writing a single word. He may even preside over the writing of the country’s history and institute laws. He has the absolute power to mete out punishments and rewards.

For just an ordinary individual, the individual is also a kind-hearted man, has enough for his daily life, and suffers no hardships.

In such a year, an official is in charge of culture and education, or justice and punishments. A scholar has a good start for the preliminary examinations. A commoner will have lawsuits, and disputes with his relatives and friends, or fights, or ignorance and troubles, but in the end, he will be able to free himself. If it is ominous, there will be punishment.

Three poems for the first line:

Fights start between families,
And relatives are not on good terms.
When he is dressed in red and close to the imperial couple,
All then feel happy and laugh to their content.

The second:

Shock and worry bring damage and grief;
He rides alone to the east and west without returning home.
When the horse neighs and wind blows, he should persevere.
He does not guard against danger and the departure of winter.

The third:

The ignorant should receive enlightenment,
And it is proper to give some light punishment.
After punishment, he should be left alone,
Otherwise, he will become oppressive.

The following hexagram transformations of your original karma calculation will reveal fortune secrets not found in your main reading.
  The Original Hexagram - Your Basic Fortune For This Year: 4.1
To discard folly [cultivate maturity in youth], punishment [discipline] is beneficial [necessary]. But herewith remove shackles [manacles] and fetters [retraints]. Going on this way [operating with shackles] brings [produces] misfortune [humiliation, regret].  
The Opposite Hexagram - Your Mind-Body Fortune: 49.1
He is bound [wrapped, held fast] with [by, in] yellow ox hide.
At the dawn of a revolution, consolidate your forces as if binding them with the hide of a yellow ox (a docile, patient creature).  
  The Nuclear Hexagram - Your Close Relationships Fortune: 24.1
Return [turn back] before going too far [after a short distance]. Then there is no need to regret [nothing to repent, contrition is not necessary, no disaster - no regret]. Supreme good fortune.
  The Reverse Hexagram - External Relationship Fortune: 3.1
Back and forth [to and fro, hither and thither]. It is beneficial [helpful] to be settled [settle down, determine a dwelling]. Is is beneficial [favorable, useful] to establish [appoint] feudal lords [major assistants, officers, helpers, hereditary rulers].
  The Future Hexagram - The Potential Future Situation: 41.1
Stop work [suspends their affairs, finishes their task]. Leave quickly [hurry and go]. There is no blame. Weigh [deliberate] how much one can decrease [lose].
When your work is done, leave quickly. Determine how much you can diminish things for a hasty departure.
If you need help or guidance during the year for situation or problem that arises, check here for advice from the sages.

Weather: The sign indicates continuous rain without sunshine. It will become clear on the Chinese calendar day of jiazi .

Tomb Siting: There is a shop with a thatched roof and a bamboo grovein front, also a mountain not directly opposite to it. The mountain at the back is very high.

Calling on a noble man: He has to be late to receive good fortune.

Seeking an official post: If a man with  ["cao" - grass] or   ["mu" - tree] in his name is related to the matter, there will surely be success. It is better to advance than to retreat. Withdrawal means failure.

House: It is surrounded by bamboo groves, or there are some thatched houses; in front there is a stream and a bridge. It is best to offer sacrifice to the spirits.

Marriage: Guard against someone opposing it and causing it to fail. There are some reversals. The go-between may not bring happiness, the woman possibly causes some loss.

Traveler: He is at another place and has left it for somewhere undetermined. Then he goes to the northwest.

Expecting a thing: Although the final result has not come out, there should be satisfaction in the long run.

Seeking wealth: To seek after ten days, there will be some profit. If one man seeks in two places, there is uncertainty; a sign indicates there will be some loss and some gain.

Traveling: It is not fit to go out. Any action will meet with difficulties, the result will be more empty than real. Action will meet with difficulty, loss of wealth, and troubles.

Pregnancy: The birth of a girl will not bring favor. Before the delivery, be aware the mother will have danger, there will be murder and harm at the grave.

Looking for a person: It is difficult to find him.

Lost things: If it is not in the thatched house, then it is in the garden or in a tomb. For a small object, go to find it under the side gate.

Dealings: The thing will go smoothly if there is a secret personal relationship. Employing it at a later time will bring about a successful deal.

Arresting a criminal: He has not been seen. He is in the house whose host has the Chinese radical ["cao" - grass] in his name. Otherwise it will be difficult to catch him.

Illness: He went to the northwest, by chance a sudden darkness made him walk near the mountain forests. He offended the ghost of an ancient tomb, it took away his ethereal and corporal souls. He has fits of cold and fever, sore throat, clouded vision. He feels suffocated and extremely hot. He cannot take in food and drink, and feels more dead than alive. Offer sacrifice to the family ancestors, the mountain god, the ghost of underwood, the ghost of the tomb, the ghost of the wounded and dead, send off the white tiger, and drive back the earth demon.

For a child: Offer sacrifice to the parents of his previous life, the five road boy, send away the god of stars, and drive back the earth demon.

Lawsuit: The dispute started because of the man from the other clan. The man with the Chinese radical ["cao" - grass] in his name is also related to it. At present, there is no clear judgment. An officer delays the case. There will be no solution in the end.