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Western Astrology Readings

Most people's first introduction to astrology is via Western astrology, with it planets in signs, houses, transits, progressions, solar arcs and directions. They find an astrology, have him or her draw up a western astrology horoscope, and then start interpreting the natal indications and future transits.

Western astrology absolutely excels at giving accurate psychological profiles of individuals, and even determining how two people will match with each other in terms of compatibility. I think it excels in those areas. But when it comes to the topic of predictions, in terms of predictive abilities for events it's nowhere near as good as Vedic and Chinese astrology.

In fact, the largest portion of Vedic astrologers I know (practically 100% of them, and I know a dozen or so) first got started with Western astrology and then turned to Indian astrology because of their frustrations in making predictions.

Once they learned Vedic astrology, or "Jyotish," these Western astrologers never turned back. They still use Western astrology now and then, because it has lots to offer, but most I've talked to say they've come to depend upon Vedic astrology instead.

Does that mean Western astrology is useless, or cannot be used for making accurate predictions? Absolutely not! A skilled practitioner can use whatever tools are available to produce excellent results. However, if you want to get great predictions, I'd use the Karma Calculator first, then Vedic astrology, then Chinese astrology, then Western astrology.

If you're interested in a Karma Calculator reading to find out what will happen in your near future, then you can find out ordering details here.

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