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Vedic Astrology Readings

If you are interested in knowing the events of your life, after the Karma Calculator the next best recommendation is to obtain a Vedic astrology reading. Not a Western astrology or horoscope reading, as most Western astrologers, once introduced to Vedic astrology, never turn back because it gives them a fantastic toolset for answering the questions seekers normally ask.

Vedic or Indian astrology is also known as Jyotish, and can be highly accurate for predicting events in the life of an individual. Vedic astrologers employ transits, as in Western astrology, and also dasa-bhukti periods that tell when certain events may occur, and yogas or planetary combinations which suggest exceptional events or highlights in the life of an individual.

The problem is finding a highly skilled Vedic astrologer who is known for their accuracy. If you employ an astrologer without high skills, your chances of dismissing this art rise tremendously.

This is where the 80-20 rule comes in, and you have to think about this in all professions. For every field and profession, we can say that about 80% of the participants are so-so or average in their mastery of that expertise. Whether it be accounting, lawyering, dentistry or doctoring, in every field you have an 80% chance of employing someone who isn't especially effective or special in their expertise. They're just so-so.

The same holds for Vedic astrology.

Of the 20% of individuals above average in any field, only 1-3-5% can be considered having exceptional skill, talent, or ability, and those are the people you want to employ. In Vedic astrology, or in any form of astrology, your reading is only as good as the practitioner. If you go to a lousy practitioner and you'll swear astrology doesn't work (just like going to a lousy doctor will necessitate a trip to a new one) when it's simply the fact that you visited a poor practitioner.

People go to bad doctors all the time but never swear that medicine doesn't work, yet fail to attribute this same logic to the field of astrology with its record of hundreds of millions of accurate insights and predictions.

The question is how to find a HIGHLY ACCURATE Vedic astrologer? Simple...check out the list from the American College of Vedic Astrologers. My favorite -- Pat Hayward. His monthly prediction readings are a fantastic complement to the Karma Calculator yearly readings.

It takes time to find a good Vedic astrologer, usually by recommendation. Remember, the recommendation to trust is from someone who has done several readings versus the individual who has gone just once. They can hardly differentiate the wheat from the chaff. The key is to get started.

A Vedic reading can be used to overlay predictions on top of the Chinese Karma Calculator indications. When the two say the same thing, it's usually a sign that the prediction is highly accurate.

Want a Chinese Karma Calculator reading to know what the year has in store? Then go here and send us your birth time now.

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