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If you're familiar with any of Bill's earlier publications, you already know how unique and valuable his material is, and the Karma Calculator holds to the same high standard. Of course, the Karma Calculator is an oracle, so the test of its worth is simple enough: does it give an accurate reading? My reading goes back 20 years and forward 15 years, surely enough to gauge its accuracy.

More than enough, as it turns out. I have much experience with oracles and divination, and I know that every oracle has its own symbolic language with which you must acquaint yourself in order to fully understand it. My plan was to go over past years and correlate the text with past events, so as to understand the symbolic phrasing. I soon discovered that it's a lot harder than I thought to remember what the "feel" of a past year was, so I didn't really need so many past years in the reading. As well, the oracle was often surprisingly direct in what it had to say, so the symbolic veiling is actually less than I expected. This makes it pretty easy to use and understand.

My life is fairly uneventful, with few "big" events for an oracle to seize upon. Still, and remarkably, the reading was regularly spot-on, accurately noting both the general atmosphere of a year and specific--if commonplace--events (like noisy neighbors or writing a thesis). It's accuracy seemed to improve as it got closer to the present day (the last few years are startling!) but that may have been an effect of my inability to recall the past. The main thing is, it consistently works--it certainly included my various girlfriends and money situations! This is particularly heartening as the next few years look good for me.

There is another dimension to this oracle that will be of interest to only a few, but of great value to those few. Amidst its advice for navigating the everyday world, the oracle also provides guidance for spiritual cultivation, especially in terms of being in accord with the time.

I definitely and strongly recommend the Karma Calculator to anyone who wants an accurate foretelling of the way that hidden patterns will be expressed as everyday life events, for anyone who wants to know what will happen. Bill is to be greatly thanked for his efforts in bringing forth this oracle. Do not miss it!

Mitchell Houston

* * * * * * *


“I got my Karmacalculator and it was right on target.  It predicted our losing season my junior year in college football.  It showed precisely how I felt and gave great feedback about how to grow from the experience.  It was accurate about my day-to-day work experience from 2001-2006, each year showed my triumphs and failures, when I made big sales and when my boss was a jerk.  Wish I would have had this calculator back then.

Now I’m using it to improve my life moving forward – there’s tons of great insight and wisdom to be gained for future years.

Thanks Karmacalculator, it’s been a lot of fun and very insightful interpreting my report.  I highly recommend Karmacalculator.”

Ryan Potts
North Carolina

* * * * * * *

I could not believe how accurate this reading was for telling when I got married, how my years have faired, and even when I had some legal problems. This really is a secret method because it's really revealing events it has no way of knowing about, and which I have no way of knowing about either until they happen.

Even though I've used both Indian and Western astrology in the past, I had never heard of this before. It provides different results that these other methods just can't produce. Simply amazing !!! Yes, you can use my testimonial.

Wallace R.
Wilmington, Delaware

* * * * * * *

I also ordered 10 years back as well as 5 years in the future.

What I discovered was amazing. First of all, it was clear that the fortune was accurate. The fortune predicted events that had happened in my life from a promotion I got in 1999 to the birth of my son in 2001 to the termoil I've had in 2007. I was blown away by the accuracy of the the previous events of my life.

What's most exciting to me is how I can now see how to handle situations that will come up in my future. The readings give great advice about what I should do when I have legal troubles, and how to handle situations in my business, and my relationships with family. Of course I'm excited about the fact that it tells me that the next two years will be VERY good financial years for me, but the most exciting part of the whole thing is that I now feel like I have a reference resource for my future. It's as if I can now see the choices that will "work" best for me.

Thank you again for bringing a very complicated Chinese formula to a easily comprehendible format. I have renewed peace in my life. I am ready to charge ahead!

Bryan Sullivan

* * * * * * *

In the past I've struggled with the thought of consulting esoteric sciences such as astrology. It always felt as sidestepping the call for using your own wisdom. Nevertheless, from my past experience with Bill's various publications and his service, I was convinced that he wouldn't publish material that is useless or that leads astray, either in practice or concerning cultivation, so I quickly ordered my own copy.

Reading through the years that allready passed, I saw described exact events. It mentioned my move to the other side of the world, my admission to one of the top schools in finance, the injury I got in a particular body part a special particular period, the job with description I got some months before this reading. Amazing.

What you would use the available knowledge in your reading for, is up to you. I already know where I stand. The highest teaching of these ancient readings is about virtue. It's up to oneself if one want to escape from the cage, wheter it's made from iron or gold.

Thanks Bill!

Jeremy A

* * * * * * *

I am not particularly fond of fortune telling, card reading or other methods of divination, but having read a couple of books written by William Bodri I became curious of his method of divination. I asked him to run the last 20 years of my life so I could easily check the results.

My life doesn't really have a lot of  "life changing events" but I do change countries on a regular basis. It was therefore easy for me to check the particular years when I moved. Even if the karma calculator didn't pick all the moves, it still did pick most of them with the accurate years.

You can use this powerful tool in a lot of ways. For me it simply indicates that Karma does indeed exist and that it can act as a powerful force in your life. That also means that you should work hard on a daily basis to become a better human being in order to clean up your karma.

Don't take this tool as the messenger of a doom or as the next free lottery ticket. It is rather a map of your life and like any other map, it can be very handy but you still have to decide by yourself which road to take. The karma calculator just shows you the hand that has been dealt to you at birth through your past karma. You can increase your merit to change it and you should still exercise your free will for any decision you make. The bottom line is that you are the one responsible for your life.

Charles C.

* * * * * * *

Recently (10 days ago) I had a very minor car accident, which resulted in some damage I had to fix for the other driver. When I read the advice for "chasing a robber", it read, "Someone of the same surname hides him, or he is in his relative's home in the northwest in a place that is paved with stones". Turns out the driver was a young fellow, who did not dare to speak with me, and "hid" behind his father's authority, and as it happens, still lives at home anyway. When I went there with the replacement part for his vehicle, it was a house paved with stones in the driveway and all over the yard. Spooky!!! ... I think the calculations are hitting the mark ...

Lemuel Tay


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