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Give us just 5 minutes a week to understand the fortunes of celebrities in the news, and learn how to change your own fate and fortune to get more of what you're looking for in life - Wealth, Health, Relationships, Career Success, etc.....Right Now!
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Sample Karma Calculator Fortune Report Readings

What's the sense of talking about a Karma Calculator Fortune Reading if you can't see what you're getting?

Here are some sample readings with an audio explanation of highlights to note. For some of these newsmakers, if the birth time is wrong then the fortune is wrong, but these are the generally agreed upon times unless I had to perform a rectification.

The Explanations page tells you how to read the individual sections of the Karma Calculator Fortune Reading, and these little case studies will show you how to congeal the information together so you can understand all the information offeed fro just one year's fortune.

These Fortune Readings are really powerful for poltiicians, by the way (any intelligence agency would go crazy over them!), and if you're a gossip columnist looking for a story on some celebrity, this is where you'll find the angle for this year's stories:



Lonely Princess Diana, Wealthy and Famous With Everyone Watching Her, Meets Disaster and Dies

Disobedient Britney Spears Causes Suffering at Home and is Reproached

Frightened Paris Hilton, Avoiding Self-Examination Yet Again, is Punished...and So are Her Friends


Inexperienced Bill Clinton, After Criss Crossing the Country Campaigning, Wins the US Presidency and Absolute Power - the Chance to Write History and the Nation's Laws

Joseph Estrada, ex-President of the Philippines, His Various Indulgences Finally Revealed at Court, is Found Guilty of Plunder "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt" and Sentenced to Life Imprisonment ("Recusion Perpetua")

Those Who Hate Dick Cheney Try to Get Rid of Him Through Impeachment, But Cheney Will Prevail if He Heeds This Advice


2008 Will Be a Bad Year of Fighting and Conflict for Donald Trump - Let's Just See How the Fortune Plays Out



Muhammed Ali

Tiger Woods





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