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When Will Your Lucky Fortune Years Arrive?

Most people want to know when their lucky years will arrive, but everyone defines "luck" differently. To some people, their "lucky year" means love and romance, finding that special someone or perhaps marriage. To them that's "luck" because that's what they're looking for.

To others it means career success, or money and wealth. Those folks consider a lucky year to be a year of large income, or maybe excellent stock market or real estate returns. Some consider it a period of fame or renown, or some other form of worldly accomplishment.

To some who are perennially sick, it means getting better and feeling well without a relapse.

So you see, "luck" is defined differently by different people.

Chinese astrology has a number of ways of computing your lucky years for all of these factors ... whether you're interested in health, wealth, relationships, fame, travel or whatever. In two famous types of Chinese astrology (Tzu Wei and Four Pillars methods), a master astrologer will compute ten year periods of time called "Big Luck" (Da Yun), and yearly cycles of fortune (each year's fortune) called the "Small Luck" (Shao Yun). "Big" and "small" refer to the units of time, not the degree of your luck or whether it's good or bad.

Our relationship to the energy of these periods, in conjunction with the energy of our natal fortune, determines our luck for that period of time. And if we know what this composite energy map looks like, we can use that knowledge to our advantage in making our luck the maximum possible.

The Chinese astrology karma calculator computations also use a method very similar to the ones used in determining the big luck and small luck cycles of an individual's fate. However, the results that come out from the karma calculator don't have to be interpreted by a master astrologer -- you can read them yourself. That's the special benefit of the karma calculator. If you go to an inexperienced astrologer, he's likely to interpret things incorrectly but with this ancient karma calculation system, you can read the interpretation yourself.

Master astrologers and ancient masters of the Tao coded the meaning of these various combinations in several thousand special I-Ching hexagram combinations. There are nearly four hundred basic hexagram readings possible for any given year, but each reading also has subdivisions giving your different type of luck based on your occupation, whether you're a person of exceptional merit, and based on other I-Ching transformations. All in all, the system is very complex.

So when will your lucky years arrive? Just order your own Karma Calculator Fortune Reading, which will be different than everyone else's, and look what it says for each year's fortune so you'll know what to expect. It's the best fate forecasting system I know of because it tells you the events and issues in detail, and also how to change them. No interpretation is necessary, as you can just read the events yourself from these ancient Chinese books.

Your lucky years will stand out.


Chinese Astrology Predictions - Karma Calculator
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