About Your Karma Calculator Reading

Thank you for taking the time to investigate your Karma Calculator reading. Your reading is based on a secret astrological timing system that's been merged with the I-Ching, which is a set of 64 Chinese hexagrams of six stacked horizontal lines that are either broken ("yin") or unbroken ("yang").

Each of the 64 I-Ching hexagrams has a symbolic meaning, and each line of the hexagram has a specific meaning as well. Your Karma Calculator fortune is based on accurately computing which of these lines, called the "moving line," represents your fortune for the year, and then reading that specific fortune with all its indications.

When you start to study the I-Ching (also known as the I Jing, Yi Ching, Yi King, or Yi Jing, "Book of Changes" or "Classic of Changes") that forms the basis of your reading, you'll be tapping into the most ancient Chinese classic that encompasses the vastness of Chinese culture and wisdom. The I-Ching is not a book of astrology or divination, but a book of transformation and moral cultivation. A study of the symbology of the I-Ching can last a lifetime, and its profound wisdom has influenced countless philosophers, scientists, artists, warriors, statesmen and even businessmen throughout history. It holds clues to governance, moral excellence, spiritual cultivation and your fortune!

The I-Ching is most highly respected in Chinese culture because it teaches you how to change one situation or circumstance into another. Isn't that what life is all about, how to skillfully change one situation into another? We'll be using that unique ability to decipher the ups and downs of your life fate and pry into the secrets of your life fortune, looking for advice on how to change every situation for the better. The I-Ching is so excellent for this task that countless Chinese medical, warfare, astrological, feng shui, and other esoteric arts have developed over the centuries using its sets of transformations.

Rather than keep these secrets locked away, I've decided to make this I-Ching method available to you precisely because it can help teach you the wisdom of how to properly act to maximize great good fortune in your life and minimize bad fortune and suffering.

No other fortune telling technique in the world does or can do that, and no other method satisfied my requirement in teaching moral excellence. With this method, you also don't even need to have a fortune teller interpret it for you because you can just directly read the I-Ching words of advice yourself. So highly prized is the I-Ching for training purposes that the great sage Confucius, who studied the I-Ching most of his life, said near the end of his days, ""Grant me just a few more years to study the I-Ching and I should be able to avoid grave errors (in my conduct)."

The I-Ching can also be used to summarize the various "transformations" or "changes" that occur throughout the universe, including the changes that are destined to occur to your fate, fortune and destiny for a year if you know how to correctly compute and interpret the hexagram that applies to your situation. Based on your birth time, I've done that computation and translation for you, supplying you with your own personalized I-Ching Karma Calculator reading.

Using countless translators and nearly a decade of effort, I've combined several of the most ancient I-Ching texts - never before translated into English - with a secret computation algorithm that has been passed down from teacher to student for generations (sorry, I am not allowed to reveal it) to reveal your fortune secrets for a year. Reading this report is like entering an ancient dusty library with rows and rows of countless secrets that have been forbidden to the general public for millennia. With this method, you finally have a chance at those books, and especially the one with your name on it!

So now we're ready to begin. You probably already know that you can readily find out more about the I-Ching, its hexagrams, trigrams and lines by researching it on the internet or picking up any of the hundreds of books on the subject, so I won't waste too much time on that here. We want to now directly move into how to interpret your fortune reading for a particular year...

Your Karma Calculator reading is broken into three parts:

(1) Section 1 concerns the hexagram in general for the year, which is the background atmosphere for the year.
(2) Section 2 concerns your specific fortune reading for the year. These are the specific events to expect for the year rather than the background coloring.
(3) Section 3 consists of situational advice to reference when a particular problem arises during the year.

Let's start with this last section first -- of situational advice -- because it's the easiest section to understand.

Section 3 - The Events or Divinations Section (at the bottom of every report page)

The situational "Events" or "Divinations" section is at the bottom of a report page for a year's reading and lists the I-Ching indications for about twenty different situations you might encounter during the year. These are events such as a lawsuit, marriage, severe illness and so forth that might arise from one February 4/5 (the start of the Chinese fortune year) to another February 4/5. If one of these situations arises during the year, look up the indications provided and see if the conditions match.

Obviously you don't marry every year, nor do you have a lawsuit or robbery every year. Therefore, remember that you should only consult this section if a particular problem arises during the year and the indications match. If a situation doesn't arise or the indications don't match, naturally you should ignore the ancient advice. It's common sense. When they match, though, then Bingo! That's when you should pay attention and consider what it's telling you. Naturally you should always consult a lawyer, doctor, attorney and other licensed professional for any problems arising in those areas.

Sorry, but for legal reasons I have to state that the Karma Calculator reading is for entertainment purposes only. Once again, if you are experiencing medical, legal, financial or other problems, please consult the relevant professional for advice such as a doctor, lawyer, CPA or other licensed professional. As to the astrological readings and I-Ching information generated, none of the authors, programmers, owners, developers or marketers of the Karma Calculator guarantee explicitly or implicitly events and/or information predicted by the Karma Calculator nor assume any liability or responsibility for the use of the information by anyone. This reading and its total contents are for entertainment purposes only. Had to be said ...

Nevertheless, in many cases, such as when you're faced with a lawsuit or important business dealings, you may find the advice from sages quite useful when you find it's actually matching your situation at hand, and many people tell me it's remarkable. That doesn't happen every time, but it happens often enough that the value of a reading is worth hundreds or thousands of times its cost, which is what I want. For instance, many times you'll find "name help" for picking a lawyer, or a perfect strategy to help you dissolve the problem at hand, or indications of health problems that can save lives. At times this is simply amazing that it can be so accurate -- no other fate forecasting method out there can do this!

You'll also see the report sometimes includes Chinese characters in this section. I've left them here, even though you probably don't read or speak Chinese, because if you choose to use feng shui or other Chinese astrology techniques they might one day help you. So even though the Chinese calendrical information won't be useful to most people because it requires a Chinese calendar, and because most people don't plan their lives down to such details anyway (which I wouldn't recommend either), I've kept it available for completion's sake.

Typically only Chinese speaking individuals are interested in this sort of secret information, but my goal has been to keep these secrets available to you whether or not you can presently use it. In this section there's also an ancient Chinese paragraph on handling illness that is hard to understand becomes it comes from ancient Taoism, but I've also retained that section because the clues provided might be helpful to a few individuals even though the translators could not translate it perfectly.

Please don't fault me for including ancient privileged information you might not fully comprehend because a thousand years or more has passed. For some talented individuals it will prove extremely valuable, and it is my duty to provide you with as complete and accurate translations as I possibly can, whether we can fully use them or not.

Section 1 - Background Information (at the start of every Yearly Fortune page)

Now let's turn to the first section of the reading, which starts off with your name and birth information. You'll notice that your fortune lists a "Chinese age" that differs by your Western age by one or two years. That's because as soon as a baby is born, Chinese culture considers the baby one year old due to the ten months they've already spent in the womb. When Chinese New Year arrives, according to Chinese culture everyone advances in age by one year's time. So if you are born a few days before the Chinese New Year, you're already "one year old" at birth but become "two years old" as soon as the New Years arrives.

The majority of people are born after Chinese New Years day, since it occurs in January or February of each year, and so most people have a Chinese fortune age that's only one year older than their Western age. Individuals born before the Chinese New Year, however, are considered two years older than their Western age for that year. Where it gets tricky is when you are born right before or on Chinese New Years day. For those people, only a visit to a Chinese astrologer can tell if you are just one or two years older, but this is a question that arises for less than 1% of the population. We can compute your fortune for your Chinese age, but in this special case even we can't tell whether your Western age will be one or two years different.

Rest assured that in all cases, your fortune is always correctly computed for your Chinese age. The question is how to accurately map that Chinese age to the Western year of your fortune. For 99.5% of people we've done this exactly perfect. Correcto mundo! However, if you are born right on, before or after Chinese New Years day (by just one day either way), the Western year that's written for your Chinese age just might be off by one year. The fortune will be correct for your Chinese age, but I'll have incorrectly computed your Western age by one year for every year listed.

If that seems to be the case - that your fortune for your Western age seems to be off by one year every year - and you were born right near Chinese New Year, just cross off all the western years shown and write in the new ones accordingly. As I said, it only happens in very very rare cases, but I had to let you know of this possibility.

After your name and birth date information, this first section of your reading next shows a picture of your hexagram for the year, with a numerical marker for the moving line that represents your fortune reading. It provides the Chinese name of the hexagram and several English translations of this name. It talks about the overall meaning of the hexagram in general, but remember that this is not your specific fortune for the year. This is the "background fortune weather" of the year. It's the background environment or atmosphere for the year which is represented by the hexagram. This is the type of situation to be meditating upon during the year, for it summarizes what you're experiencing in terms of whole sequences of life events.

Your specific fortune for the year is found in Section 2, which is the Yellow Section of the report, whereas this first section provides excellent background information for those who want to study the I-Ching, including various classical interpretations for the hexagram offered by Confucius, King Wen, and the Symbol tradition of I-Ching studies. You can find out more about Confucius or King Wen on the web, or by buying any good book on the I-Ching. It's not really the important thing here.

What you should pay the most attention to in the first section of your reading is the ancient pictograph that corresponds to the hexagram, and its commentary to the right. This picture reveals secrets to your fortune that may (or may not) occur during the year. All the sentence indications may not happen, but most will. In many cases it will even mention an animal such as a horse, rat, tiger and so on. Most times this represents the lunar year, month, day or even hour of the animal in question from the Chinese calendar, which you can reference through the table below.

Sometimes, however, it's revealing a big fortune secret - these animals might actually represent people born in the Year of the Horse, Rat, Tiger and so on who will play a role in your fortune for that year, either for the good or bad. It might show a picture of a rat and say "the time of the Rat is lucky," and you might find that people born in the Year of the Rat are lucky for you and helping you all year long.

The I-Ching pictograph holds all sorts of secrets like this, which is why you have to study it to reveal even more secrets than we can mention. And by the way, ... I'm born in the Year of the Rat! Anyway, to help you decode the meaning of various animals in the pictures, the following table of classical correspondences will tell you which hours and months match up. Every year the Chinese calendar is different, so you'll have to reference an actual Chinese calendar to find the beginning of the Chinese lunar months or the actual days that correspond to which animals.

Branch Animal Sign Lunar Month Time Period
zi Rat / Mouse Chinese November 23:00 - 01:00
chou Ox Chinese December 01:00 - 03:00
yin Tiger Chinese January 03:00 - 05:00
mao Rabbit Chinese February 05:00 - 07:00
chen Dragon Chinese March 07:00 - 09:00
si Snake Chinese April 09:00 - 11:00
wu Horse Chinese May 11:00 - 13:00
wei Sheep / Ram Chinese June 13:00 - 15:00
shen Monkey Chinese July 15:00 - 17:00
you Cock / Rooster Chinese August 17:00 - 19:00
xu Dog Chinese September 19:00 - 21:00
hai Pig / Boar Chinese October 21:00 - 23:00


When Chinese consult this I-Ching forecasting method, they pay a lot of attention to this picture and its description since it explains many of the events you can expect during the year.

For instance, I was just advising a friend whose pictograph showed two men polling a boat with the caption that "two men would work together on profitable projects." He always works alone, but that year he was involved with several two-man joint ventures that all succeeded beyond his wildest monetary expectations, just as foretold. The divinations section of the fortune (Section 3) even confirmed that two men partnerships would make money if you chose to operate in that way for the year.

In another case, the pictograph showed a man and women holding hands and announced a "harmonious union." For one girl it meant getting married. For another individual it meant finding a boyfriend after the longest time, and for a married man it meant a ultra harmonious year in his marriage, which he especially noticed.

When the picture shows a pile of wealth on the ground, that's a year to check the main reading for wealth indications, and the Divinations or Events section as well. Those are years to sometimes "push it" and "go for the gold," but with caution because nothing is guaranteed. Don't just assume that wealth is guaranteed when you see those clumps of gold and jewelry in the picture and live recklessly. All that the Karma Calculator does it represent POTENTIAL. You can always destroy a good fortune through foolishness and recklessness, or because you do a lot of evil deeds. As the Chinese state, good fortune indications don't hold for those who practice wicked deeds, and bad fortunes don't always hold for those who cultivate virtue, charity and goodness. That's why feng shui techniques don't work for the Mafia, con men, criminals and other evil doers.

Anyway, the meaning of the pictograph changes depending upon your "moving line" fortune for the year, but it will usually represent many of the issues that will present themselves to you during the year. Remember to take the picture and its indications, and cross check them against your main reading. That's the important thing. Everything has to confirm in order for you to consider a "hit." That's why I always give you several past years of readings so that you can learn how to use your Karma Calculator report.

That's also why I've provided you with samples of readings for some famous people in the news so you can see the main issue happening in their life and how the Karma Calculator pins it exactly with advice on what they should be doing. We're not privy to the tiny details or secret circumstances in their lives that never make it into the papers, so we cannot confirm everything that their reading might reveal. Nevertheless, often the clues are there. I cannot tell you the number of times people have flipped out when the reading said something that was so "spot on" and unknown to anyone other than the person receiving their Karma Calculator Fortune.

So when you get your Karma Calculator Fortune Reading, please examine a few prior years of your fortune to see how the pictures illustrate the events that unfolded. That little mental matching exercise can do more to explain how to use this section than ten thousand words on the subject. However, always remember that if your year was just normal or quiet or non-spectacular in every way, you won't find half as many tremendous "hits" or "aha's" with the Karma Calculator Fortune Reading as for someone who lives a changeable life with lots of ups and downs. It just can't be any other way for an uneventful life, and the same fact holds for traditional astrology readings.

The "smooth life" has virtually nothing to offer any fate prediction technique other than just unremarkableness. Why? Because that's all you can expect. Remember this - you have to make your life eventful for your life to be eventful. You have to be active and strive in order to experience. The karma that comes to you in life is due to your past life efforts, or the actions you create in this life. If you don't create the opportunity for karma to manifest, then in most cases nothing remarkable happens. You have to move, work or act to set events into motion. But even here a Karma Calculator Fortune Reading can help because it can tell you where to place your efforts for good things to happen!

On the right hand side below this ancient woodblock pictograph, you'll also find the predictions for the four seasons of the year with how they'll go -- whether they'll be good, bad, and so forth. This is also extremely important in this first section of your fortune. Once you have these indications, you can know what type of "life weather" to expect during the course of the year and can anticipate when problems are likely to arise.

This is a section I personally use all the time. With this information in hand, you can even make better use of "transits" or "progressions" information provided by astrologers, which is another Bonus of this material. Now you know the times to look for problems, or for good spots to plan vacations, business deals, and all sorts of efforts. To the left side of the seasons information is some advice for the year as well, and this information is dependent upon the birth year in which you were born.

Yellow Section 2 - Your Main reading (the Yellow Section in the middle of a Fortune Report)

Section 2 is your main reading for the year, and also comes from ancient Chinese texts written nearly a thousand years ago. Because these original texts were written for a male centered civil service oriented society before there were such things as cars and corporate businessmen and things like that, you must remember to translate all the indications to their modern equivalents.

This will require some symbolic thinking on your part to translate political concepts to today's modern world, which is the beauty of the I-Ching in the first place in that it's designed to train you to think and learn multi-dimensionally. In the competitive, multi-cultural world we have today, those new thinking skills could prove quite useful. I encourage you to ask your friends or family members to examine your fortune with you as you get started on this journey as someone close is often a real genius in being able to "see" your real situation better than you can. Usually there's someone close to you who's just immediately excellent at being able to elucidate what's happening in terms of what's written, and how to apply the advice.

As examples, in the reading a "prince," "ruler" or "king" will represent an authority figure in your life, so in today's world he might be your boss or your father. It might be the bully in the neighborhood, too. The "country" could refer to your company, or neighborhood, or household, or whatever situation you're most involved in, so "bringing ruin to your country" is a metaphoric way of describing troubles in any of these cases. Only you can know how it applies as the Karma Calculator was written in a broad way to describe mostly the main facets of the issue.

Some more examples: "military service" might mean training for the football team. "Legal matters" might mean dealing with mortgage documents or some other paper activity rather than court work because "legal matters" was the all encompassing descriptive term from ancient times. Working on the "ancestral home" might refer to a building or institution. A "scholar" in today's world could be anyone with an intellectual position or disposition, and elder brother might be a younger brother (or close male friend) if you don't have one, and so on it goes. An "ordinary" man might just be a common office worker, or even an actor because actors were not considered high class individuals in ancient times. That's an interesting I-Ching commentary on our excessive adoration of actors!

Do you see how it works? The indications are correct, but a thousand years ago there weren't words for all the things we have today...they didn't even have a fraction of the occupations we have in our modern world. For instance, I'm told that during the early years of the Roman Empire there were originally about 50 different occupations, and now that number has blossomed to well over 50,000 possible jobs and careers! There's no way there would be words to describe all these new jobs, so you have to understand the essence of the functions described when you're reading the ancient Chinese text. That's how you match the reading's indications to modern equivalents.

It's actually surprisingly easy once you start going through one or two eventful years and see how things match.

Several special things to note that often pop up in this reading section: "In your youth," or similar phrases that appear actually refer to the earlier part of the year in question while phrases like "in his old age" refer to the later part of the year. At times the reading may sound like it's talking about your entire life overall, but it's only talking about the fortune for the year. The fortune for one year does not carry over to life in general. So if it says "in his youth" it means the beginning of the year, and "elder" or "old age" or other equivalents mean the end of the year.

Another point to note: when a child is young, their fortune most often reflects the fortunes of the parents, but as an individual reaches their senior years, it's not unusual to see that their fortune starts to reflect the issues in the childrens' fortunes since they are now grown up and responsible for most of the activity in the family. That's just the way the I-Ching works in summarizing the situation. It might not speak of your fortune this year, but of the fortune of your children when those issues become your preoccupation for the year. It's truly amazing that karma works this way, and that the ancient Chinese sages were able to unlock some of these karma codes! As my Zen teacher said, there are rules for computing the karma of an individual and events and times, but sometimes the rules are so complicated that you'd need a supercomputer to compute everything, and even that wouldn't be enough. The Karma Calculator, as good as it is, doesn't reveal everything but only reveals a fraction of the events destined to happen.

In one thousand years the world has changed tremendously, so I cannot stress enough to take the gist of the I-Ching indications and map them to the modern equivalents that reflect your life situation. I suggest you first read several years of prior fortunes to see how the reading relates to your reality, and then you'll understand this matching technique. Most everyone who reads two or three past years then tells me they realize how it's done, but only after reading those years and doing the mental arithmetic. You can see how it's done by reading the Karma Calculator samples provided for the famous people in the news.

What bothers me is when people cannot see that if they change the word "country" to mean their company and the "king" to mean their boss, the Karma Calculator reading is EXACTLY describing their fortune to a tee with the correct advice on how to act and what to do. Sorry, but you're dealing with a thousand year old vocabulary. It took us nearly a decade with multiple translators and editors just to get this far. You have to be lenient with the fact that it's symbolizing your situation, for that's how the I-Ching works.

With thousand year old texts, there's no way you can escape having to perform this sort of metaphoric translation. Actually, it's quite fun after you get started. I remember once asking a Chinese man if an ancient method he had consulted had described his occupation correctly. "I don't think so," he said. "What did it say?" I asked him. "It said I was a chariot driver." "Well, what do you do for a living?" I asked inquisitively. "I'm a taxi driver," was his response.

Sometimes I just laugh so hard that people can't see the matching like this. One thousand years ago, before there were taxis there were chariots, so a chariot driver WAS a taxi driver and yet he still couldn't see it. Don't be this literal. You have to learn how to do this mapping when you read the text, and fit the symbology to your situation.

People spend their entire lives studying the I-Ching so that they can learn how to think this way and apply its symbolic wisdom and advice to modern situations. The I-Ching is all about how to change things for the better. You have all the potential needed to become an I-Ching interpreter now that all the hard work has been done for you.

Consider this a journey, consider it a mystery, consider it FUN to decipher the path of your fate, how it's karmic influences are manifesting themselves, and the advice the I-Ching tells you. I'm positive the study of your fortune and its intricacies will unlock countless wisdom secrets that will help you improve yourself and your life, both ethically and prosperity wise, just as the I-Ching is designed to do. If it wasn't designed to help you change your fate and fortune, I would not have released this in the first place.


After this main reading section follows a set of poems which often has advice for how to change your fortune for the year. You should consider this advice as if it were being given by a wise old mentor and friend who is taking you into his confidence and knowing your situation, puts his arm around your shoulder and tells you exactly what to do to create "auspicious prosperity." The highest type of prosperity is what the Chinese call "clear fortune," but that only occurs in a life completely free of cares and concerns when someone devotes their efforts to spiritual meditation. Auspicious prosperity is maximizing the outcomes of both the mental and materialistic spheres at the same time, and the Karma Calculator is designed to give you help in both those directions.

If you want stronger, more detailed advice on how to change your fortune to achieve active results of real accomplishment, I firmly believe the best advice in the world on how to change your fate, fortune and destiny can be found in the little recognized classic, "White Fat Cow," available at www.MeditationExpert.com. The basis of the book comes from the Chinese story of Liao Fan (you can find it on the internet) whose I-Ching calculated fate seemed so fixed and determined that he ceased even trying to create a new life if it wasn't already in his fortune. The fate forecasting method he relied on is not the same as the one used for your Karma Calculator reading, but his story is perfectly applicable to our quest.

Liao Fan met a famous Zen master who taught him how to change the fixed fortune that existed as the invisible substrate beneath everyone's life, and from then on no previously determined karmic fate could bind him. Liao Fan's book is so famous that it spurred dozens of copycat versions throughout the Chinese centuries, and is such a great read that I always recommend parents introduce it to children. Benjamin Franklin, I dare say, became so accomplished in his lifetime because he used a method of self-cultivation similar to what Liao Fan had developed, and you can read about this and all sorts of accomplishment methods for changing your fortune in "White Fat Cow." Do you know how you change your fortune? Moderation of some type, in some direction, consistently, diligently, disciplinely applied.

Forget the New Age claims that you can "think and grow rich," "visualize and it will happen," or "attract" a new fate through some other method that simply promises you a new fortune through some magical, mysterious technique. Truly changing your fortune, rather than just going along with a change in fortune that's already astrologically fated to happen, involves active work: a consistent, diligent course of meditation so that you can resist the impulses that impel you, doing good deeds (accumulating acts of merit), and mantra practice or prayer that asks for help from heaven. You need all this in addition to the "massive intelligent action" that the self-help books tell you that you need to take, and you need some way to keep you on course at daily applying these efforts. Otherwise, without this first half of special efforts there is no guarantee that the actions you take will successfully produce the results you want.

Remember that any one of these three requirements alone is not enough, which is why Benjamin Franklin, Liao Fan and others worked them into a daily ledger calendar to monitor their progress along changing the karmic pulls or substrates that determine your life path. You need a store of merit to spend on creating a new fortune in this life, you need meditation to help clear your mind of old habits and inclinations that are propelling you down a predetermined fortune path, and you need help from higher powers to help you accomplish a change in your fate rather than just going along with the old karma.

Most every one of the life change stories spotlighted in self-help books are actually just changes in the fortune already destined to happen because of karmic or astrological timing, but in "White Fat Cow" you learn how to honestly and truly create a new life path in excess of the astrological fate you've already created that's your karma. You build the new karmic returns in this life for unfoldment or enjoyment in this life. What occurs is something totally new which you build in excess of your previous fate.


Now sometimes the Karma Calculator fortune for the year does not list a major event that occurs or occurred during the year. People make the mistake in assuming that this method, or any method, will list all the important events in life when it just reveals whatever it reveals. So it won't reveal everything. In astrology you can find an indication for almost every event, but the Karma Calculator only reveals what it chooses to reveal, and just that. However, I've found that you can glean even extra fortune secrets out of your reading than what's just found in the main reading by performing various transformations of your yearly hexagram.

These transformations are called the opposite, nuclear and reverse transformations of your yearly fortune hexagram. Even more transformation have yet to be discovered, and an entire section is provided for researchers to help glean out the extra indications of fate events from this section.

For instance, if you perform a "opposite" transformation of your hexagram for the year (by changing all yang lines to yin lines and yin lines to yang lines), that reading will indicate the "state" or "health" of your mind or body for that year. You can use it to see if there are any indications of illness (body). It can also indicate what you'll be most concerned with or mentally pre-occupied with during the year (mind). A simple example: if it mentions a calf, head, abdomen or foot problem, you might experience health problems during the year in those areas. A quick turn to Western or Vedic astrology techniques can spotlight times to be careful to avoid such accidents now that you know what to look for.

The "nuclear" transformation of your hexagram provides indications of your family, boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife and other close relationships during the year. Sometimes it indicates work related issues if the relationship with your colleagues or partners is close, like a family. In one way you can say it's similar to "Seventh House" matters of Western astrology, and you might find hints of marriage here that do not appear in the main fortune.

The "reverse" transformation indicates your relationship to external or worldly events during the year. This means how the world views you and how you're dealing with external affairs. In many cases this involves work related issues because for many people they have a public component to their job or career.

As to the "future" transformation, in normal I-Ching divination methods this hexagram indicates the future outcome expected of the situation. Because many people asked for it, we've included it for their research pleasure.

The sections I most look at, however, are the Mind/Body and Nuclear transformations for the year as I'm always trying to see if there's a health issue I might guard against, and am always anxious to take advantage of positive interpersonal relationships and minimize bad ones between friends. In the future we hope to discover more of these transformations now that we've been able to computerize these indications. Even if you buy one, two or three dozen I-Ching books, you'll find that no one places all these transformed hexagrams in one place when you're doing a fortune reading. This, in itself, will reveal countless secrets that have escaped the authors of I-Ching books because they didn't want to do the hard work of looking up all the transformed hexagram readings for each hexagram line.


That concludes a short synopsis of your Karma Calculator fortune and how to read it. Because it is based on the wisdom of the I-Ching, I encourage you to consider it as a type of mentor that's available for advice who often offers foreknowledge of various situations, just like Socrates of old. Behind most great men you can find mentors who pushed them to excellence, provided them with wise counsel, and helped them unlock the doors to advancement throughout their lives. The I-Ching indications are designed exactly for these goals, and will help you both avoid error and maximize your successes in life.

The whole reading is important, but I personally suggest you emphasize the pictograph and its description, the year's seasons, the main reading, the poems of advice for the year, and the introductory background information on the hexagram in general. Afterwards I usually glance at one or two events in the divination section to see about wealth and partnership indications for the year in case they might take place.

You might choose to emphasize different sections of the reading after you get familiar with it. In any case, whether you are a farmer, politician, businessman, soldier, manager, scholar or other professional, you'll find the I-Ching advice invaluable in teaching you how to deal with difficult situations that no one else is going to discuss with you. It is a true mentor.

Good luck, and be sure to tell other about the availability of this unique Karma Calculator reading, and where to get it.