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What's the Method Used in Creating Chinese Karma Calculator Fortune Readings ?

The methodology behind the Chinese Karma Calculator is very secret and will continue to remain so. It's neither Chinese astrology, nor pure Chinese I-Ching numerology, or feng shui, or anything else. It's a unique method quite different than Tarot, Western horoscopes or Vedic astrology. Like the famous Chinese Iron Abacus astrology technique - though of course this method is different - it's simply too powerful to reveal in public because of all the abuse people would put it to in calculating all sorts of secrets they could make use of.

According to Chinese tradition, a master fortune teller usually revealed his methods to not more than a handful of students, typically less than five, and sometimes only one....or none. Countless techniques have been lost over the centuries when a teacher never passed them down, and while some have been rediscovered, most are gone forever. Only a few people still know about this special karma calculation technique and the others are all Chinese who don't speak English. This much I can readily reveal:

1. The method depends upon your Chinese birth date according to the Chinese lunar Calendar, and has nothing to do with the Western solar calendar which is based on the position of the sun. In Western and Vedic astrology the ascendant is very important and changes every minute, but it plays no part in the Karma Calculator computations. In this system, your fortune depends upon correctly identifying a two hour block of time in the twelve hour Chinese astrological day. In other words, your fortune depends upon the Chinese hour during which you were born, with your birth time being translated to Chinese time.

2. The Karma Calculator methodology produces different fortunes for men or women born at the exact same moment in time. In other words, the computation methodology is different depending upon whether you are male or female. Naturally, it also changes according to different birth times in general. These changes are extremely complicated to enumerate making the system almost impossible to decipher or duplicate unless you know it from the start. I couldn't even describe the algorithm to computer programmers but had to struggle for several years myself to create a program that would help me with the computations.

3. The calculation methodology references the twelve house system used in Chinese Tzu Wei astrology, so we can say it is partly astrological in nature. However, each of these twelve houses is occupied by I-Ching trigrams rather than planets or stars as found in other Chinese horoscope systems. The best way we can describe it is as both an astrological and numerological method that are simultaneously combined into one. It's like a man who is a little bit of a scientist, artist, doctor and politician.

Because of a unique numerology counting system, each year's fortune is derived by combining I-Ching trigrams into I-Ching hexagrams, and then the "moving line" or "fortune line" for the year is calculated. This moving line reveals the Karma Calculator fortune that for the year. Various manipulations of the year's hexagram (according to rarely used I-Ching numerology techniques) also reveals fortune secrets that don't appear in the basic hexagram reading, and a rare book called I Ching Numerology by Da Liu contains some useful teachings about these transformations.

Yet another secret set of divinations collected by Taoist sages over the centuries reveals specific advice and situations likely to happen during the year, including at times the sounds or characters of people's names. I have dozens of I-Ching books with advice or correspondence lists made up by modern authors, but most of their correspondences are just logically made up fictions. Nothing comes close to the accuracy of these advice paragraphs written by actual Taoist sages who would figure out what happened based on the watching and observation of thousands of fortune cases.

4. The method is hundreds of years old, we believe dating back far beyond the Ming dynasty. The hexagram predictions depend upon readings from the "Fragrant I-Ching" and another unpublished I-Ching book which is only available in the ancient Chinese language. It took us almost three years just to find Chinese translators for these books, it took them several years to translate them, and it took several years more to find Western specialists to edit these translations. All together we're talking about an immense project that started in the early 1990's. The famous Western sinologists Douglas Wile and Bill Porter (Red Pine), whose books can be found on, provided some final editings of these texts and I'm always working to improve them.

Few people can understand the Chinese terminology in these source texts because it involves ancient Chinese literary, Taoist, Buddhist, astrological, feng shui and I-Ching terminology that even college educated Chinese cannot read. Only specialized scholars can understand and translate these materials, making the translators we used very difficult to find. So what you are getting is really a treat and extremely difficult to duplicate in any way or fashion. I can even go so far as to say it's UNIQUE.

Because of the difficulty of finding skilled, capable translators and the absolute rarity of this secret technique, frankly it's simply a miracle that this is available to you in English at all.

I happen to know these types of readings always disappear over time (a famous Zen master revealed that part of the reason that the previous master died early was because he gave away too many secrets with these readings and claimed credit to inventing the texts themselves), so if you're interested in a reading, I suggest you hop to it. I kid you not.

5. Because the method is hundreds of years old and was developed in ancient China, and because it is based on the I-Ching, one must read their fortune in a symbolic way to translate the meaning into the present. For instance, a "chariot driver" in ancient Chinese might refer to a taxi driver at present while a "scholar" might refer to a librarian, researcher, or corporate analyst.

Because today's large companies and corporations are like little kingdoms or governments, an "official" might refer to your position in one of these large bureaucracies ... and the "king" or "emperor" might refer to your boss or the leader of this large organization.

This is all common sense that becomes apparent when you look at your reading. But the reminder when dealing with I-Ching readings always is this: think symbolically to capture the essence of the meaning, and then you'll see it applies.

To get a good idea of what you can expect from a reading, take a look at the sample readings provided. Your reading will look exactly like this, no more and no less.

6. The only real question about the accuracy of the reading appears when there is a question about your own birth time and its translation into Chinese time. If the reading seems wrong for most years, we probably have to change your birth time computation by one "Chinese (two) hour" to get the reading that's correct, after which the series of past fortunes computed will match for you.

7. One final detail is important, and it requires you to "center" your fortune by yourself to see which year applies to you.

The Karma Calculator computes your fortune according to your Chinese age, which differs from your Western age. As soon as someone is born in China, they are considered approximately one year old because they already spent nine months in the womb. I'll say it again: the Chinese consider a baby one year old as soon as it is born.

When Chinese New Year arrives, everyone's Chinese age advances by one year, including the age of an infant. So if a baby is born on February 10, 1969, they are immediately one year old. The Chinese New Year occurs on February 17, 1969 for that year, so on that date the baby's Chinese age becomes two years old. When you are trying to determine the baby's fortune for year 1969, you must seek the fortune for the Chinese birth age of 2! DON'T USE YOUR WESTERN AGE - the fortune is always computed for your Chinese age and then we try to accurately transform that Chinese age into the correct Western age. Most times it matches, but sometimes not.

If a baby is born exactly on the Chinese New Year day , the age is typically considered just one year old (though in some case it should be two depending upon the hour) ... and in some cases in Chinese fortune telling, the age is advanced by one year on the first day of Spring rather than the Chinese New Year, which is around February 4 or 5 of each year. Complications, complications, complications. You don't need to know all this but I just wanted you to see part of the complexity of the process. In Western astrology or horoscope making, you just give your astrologer your birth time, he puts it into his computer and it's done. Not here!

These questions of the exact birth age usually only arise for someone born near the beginning of a Chinese year. What this means is that since most people (10/12ths of the population) are born after Jan-Feb when any of this might take place, their typical "Chinese age" is their Western age PLUS ONE. For some people, however, it's their Western age PLUS TWO years.

How do you tell the difference? Use the rule above and then all you have to do is check your fortune according to either of those ages. After you see which one matches your reading, you'll know immediately whether you always have to add one or two years to get the right fortune.

Typically this is easy for most people. For instance, take some random birthdays and let's see their Chinese age in the future:

Born August 1960 is "Chinese age" 48 in 2007. Why? Because 2007-1960 + 1 = 48.
Born April 1986 is "Chinese age" 15 in 2000. Why? Because 2000-1986 + 1 = 15.
Born November 1944 is "Chinese age" 57 in 2000. Why? Because 2000-1986 + 1 = 57.
But born January 1977 is "Chinese age" 23 in 1998. Why? Because 1998-1986 + 2 = 23 (the Chinese New Year lands on February 18 of that year).

For people born in January and February, you always have to check whether you add one or two by checking the date of the New Year, and then also inspecting the fortune! Sometimes you must add by one even if it doesn't say so, and then the fortunes match. To go into all the reasons why for all special cases is far too complicated to relate.

Actually, this is easy to check, and it's the most difficult thing you'll ever have to do in order to interpret your correct Chinese fortune. Just remember, it's your Chinese age, not your Western age that's indicated!

8. When it's correct, the fortunes for the past years match perfectly like fitting wooden pegs into similarly shaped holes. Because people may lose a year or so due to this age difference, I may sometimes give you an extra year when the birth time is in question as explained. I always send you some past years with any order so you can LEARN HOW TO READ THE READING and judge the system's accuracy, and then I also supply the predictions going into the far future for the length of time you select.

Most Western and Vedic astrologers charge $200-250 for one to three years of predictive insights, but I give you many times that amount of years and information, both forwards and backwards, for a fraction of that cost so that everyone can afford and benefit from the technique. You can even have your entire life's fortune computed, if you dare do so. This is the option we most recommend. This should be looked at like an investment, not a cost. Yes, if you ever buy a $200 reading and then later want the full shebang, we'll give you a discount on the upgrade ... assuming the method is still available.

Remember, this is not some common, dime-a-dozen useless $35 Western psychological reading on your personality that I'm supplying you with. Go check the sample pages and you'll see what you're getting - you're getting EVENTS. The ancient Chinese were interested in real concrete predictions, and real help or advice where it matters, so that's what the system supplies to the best of its capabilites. Just look at the samples to see for yourself, as it takes some time to get used to a reading and how to pull all the pieces together. It's simply amazing that an astro-numerological method can do this at all; every year I get calls for next year's reading because the results have been so useful and accurate.

I don't do personal readings for a large number of reasons, including the fact you are supposed to cultivate yourself spiritually, ethically, and materially by reading this and pondering yourself. I also send you notification via email when your fortune is done, and you can download it via the web. I cannot print fortunes out and send them via mail. I leave that up to you.

Before you order, please check out the samples to see what you're getting. I cannot spend time with you over the phone interpreting the readings, but can only compute the method and supply you with the predictions from these ancients texts. You can use this information to plan business efforts for success, determine when you should double up on your dating because the chances of meeting someone are prime, or even when you might consider taking off and breaking away from a certain area of life for awhile.

There's all sorts of information it provides in a no nonsense fashion. It's a little interpretive, yes, but infinitely valuable and USEFUL for actionability compared to what normal Western and Indian astrological readings provide. The number of millionaires and big whigs that use this sort of report, and depend upon it for their success, is not something to snicker at. They know something -- it works.

The question is, do you want to see the Chinese predictions for your future from this ancient secret Karma Calculator technique? If so, act while the price is still low before my time becomes even more limited from people discovering it and having it available.

Chinese Astrology Predictions - Karma Calculator
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