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Feng Shui Tips For Changing Your Fate and Luck (Ming and Yun)

People often ask me how they can change their fortune using feng shui.

The actual truth of the matter is that in most cases, feng shui is a MINOR determinant of your fortune. Yes, rearranging your feng shui can give a better quality to life and can make you feel more comfortable in the home or at work, but the most important thing to changing your fate, fortune, destiny or life situation is to change your mind, thought patterns, actions, habits and behaviors. They are the things that create your fortune in the first place, right?

Change your thoughts and behavior for the better and your fortune will change for the better! Concentrate on the root and the stems, branches and flowers will follow.

According to Chinese philosophy, there are five factors that contribute to your fortune:

1. The first is destiny, which is determined or decided at your birth. The Chinese call this "Ming," and they form birth charts called "Ba Tzu" that encapsulate this destiny. Destiny, according tot he Chinese, are the knowable but unchangeable factors of fate such as the ages of your parents, where you're born, how many siblings you already have and so forth.

2. The second factor is luck, or "Yun," which varies with time but is predictable. The Chinese karma calculator predicts your periods of luck with high accuracy. It also tells you, in some instances, how to change those periods, which is what you're probably looking for.

3. The third factor is your education, knowledge or learning and effort. Without education, knowledge and effort, good luck can be wasted because it won't find an opportunity for expression. Study requires hard work and effort, and is a factor in changing someone's fortunes, but it is not the predominant factor. Effort is actually more important than education, because they who succeed are they who act. Many of the millionaires you'll meet in life (and I've met hundreds) never went to college but simply mastered the art of acting which gave them the success they have.

4. Your virtue, merit and character (Dao De) from performing good deeds and acts of charity for the needy, such as donations to the destitute, is a major factor for determining your fate. Karma forms because of cause and effect, and the more you give the more you will receive. If you want a better fortune, you should practice lots of acts of charity. The best book explaining this is White Fat Cow, by WIlliam Bodri.

5. Feng shui is the last factor that can hasten the fulfillment of prosperity and an auspicious destiny in life. It involves reorienting the chi an individual receives from his environment so that it becomes expressed in his life fortune. It's a way to maximize the blessings of the earth on one's life. Feng shui is used to give a better quality to life or allow the fate to achieve the highest levels of luck it can allow, but you can't get good feng shui unless you already have the merit to receive it. Hence, #4 once again is the main determinant of what you're already experiencing in life, as well as what you're likely to experience in the future.

Change your attitudes and behavior to be more kind, more virtuous, more charitable and giving and you will experience a better fortune.

People ask me to read their feng shui all the time, or go around with them on housing hunts to buy investment real estate, but that's the ultimate feng shui tip I can give you. If you want to learn more about the esoteric aspects of feng shui, you can pick up a 2 hour Feng shui CD on the real feng shui that most practitioners have no inkling of because they don't spiritually cultivation meditation to the extent required to know anything in the supersensible realms, but it can only be played on a computer (CDs over 75 minutes long always can only be played in a computer rather than CD player). There's a Space Clearing feng shui CD as well.


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