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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to know my birth time for a Karma Calculator Fortune Reading?

A: Yes, you need to know your birth time (clock time). I have to then translate it to the time in China at your birth moment, and locate that time in the traditional 2-hour "Chinese fortune hour" (1-3 am, 3-5 am, 5-7 am, etc.). I have to compute the Chinese day, month and even year you were born after factoring in time zone conversions, daylight savings time, etc. Since I need to change your time to the appropriate two hour Chinese time block, I need your exact birth time.

Q. Will you send me the Karma Calculator Fortune Reading by snail mail or email?

A: Due to international clients, the slowness of regular mail and the instant wonders of the internet, I'll send you an email where you can download your fortune to your computer and then print it out as soon as it's done. You can download it to as many computers as you'd like ... I'll store it for you for one year before I delete it. As soon as you download it, you can print it out on your printer.

Or you can save it on a CD or diskette, which I recommend, and then take it to Kinkos and have them print it out. Or have a friend print it out. In any case, I'm committed to getting it to you as soon as possible, and that means having you download it from a link I send you that's just for you and your fortune only.

Q: Will you go over the Fortune Reading with me by phone?

A: The Karma Calculator Reading, along with the explanation sheet and samples, is designed for you to work through it by yourself, or with family members if you so choose. It's all about self-cultivation, and that comes from studying the Fortune Reading and linking things together. It's pretty obvious how to use all the information after you go through one or two past years of your Karma Calculator Reading. That's how the I-Ching trains you to think and cultivate yourself to moral excellence rather than just hear something and forget it the next day. The more years you can examine the easier it is to use it. Basically it's great that you can read your Karma Calculator report all by yourself.

Q: Can you use this method to rectify a birth time?

A: Yes, you can but oh my gosh it's a lot of work. I actually have to do that when working on the fortunes of celebrities when I don't know their birth times. First you have to get their birth date and location, and then figure out the 12 possible Chinese hours that might capture the birth times for all times in that location for that day when translated to Chinese time. Then you have to compute all twelve fortunes, line them up, and then look for the years that match the actual life events. It's extremely time consuming, taking several hours, but can be done.

Q: I see that sometimes two years repeat the same fortune. Is this normal?

A: Yes, you will see lots of cases where one year is a reflection of another, or very much like another. However, while many major themes or issues of the year will repeat, other items will be different whenever two years are the same. This actually tells you which years will look like one another, which is pretty cool.

As I write this I just did a reading for an individual who had a serious foot accident and couldn't walk during one year. Several years later he had the same fortune hexagram and he also had problems with his feet again, but much milder. So this is a perfect example of how one year will, in some dimensions, act as a harmonic of a previous year and reflect a similar but different fortune. It allows you to learn your life lessons the first time, and then apply it to the next year to improve matters and get it right. That's what self-cultivation is all about.

In another instance I remember off the top of my head, a man almost married a girl in the first year the Marriage hexagram showed, and when the fortune repeated several years later he did finally marry someone, though it was a different individual. He thought he'd be a bachelor his entire life because of his playboy loving ways, but what the Fortune shows it shows. That's just the way it works. It's interesting.

Q: Will two people with the same birth time get the same reading?

A: Yes and no. The readings for a man and women born at the same time will be entirely different. In fact, if you're a man and I pretend you're a woman when I run the reading, or you are a woman and I pretend you're a man when I compute the Fortune, you'll get entirely different fortunes for the years, but some indications from the opposite sex reading will prove quite useful and on the mark. As Mr. Spock of Star Trek would say, "Fascinating." That's another way, besides the hexagram transformations, of squeezing more information out of the reading for a year. Regular astrology methods cannot do this. In fact, if you really know the I-Ching, you can even use one hexagram to predict the fortune of several generations into the future. It's absolutely amazing in its power, and that's why it's the basis of the Karma Calculator representation system.

Now if two people of the same sex are born at the exact same time, their readings will be exactly the same but the sentences that apply to them will be different and the sentence meanings will carry different connotations. For instance, there is a famous case of the king of England being born at the same time as the king of the beggars in his realm. Every reading has a section for those people who are extremely virtuous and lucky, and those who aren't. So one section may apply to one individual but not the other. Secondly, every reading has indications for a different fortune based on four to five occupations such as a government employee, merchant (businessman), military official, farmer, or scholar. That multiples each reading into five more readings as well. Oh yes, there's a picture that changes the fortune, too.

Lastly, the indications for the year will mean different things for different people based upon their life situation. A Karma Calculator reading that shows marriage for a year might simply mean finding a boyfriend/girlfriend for one person, an actual marriage for another, a great year of marital bliss for a couple already married, a romantic love affair for another in a bad marriage, or extremely close companionship for a monk, nun or celibate priest. The fortune will manifest differently depending upon their life situation, and you'll be able to see this immediately and how it applies to you when you get your own reading. The reading may say that the problem is "obedience" this year, and for one person it means THEY are not obedient, for another it means their CHILDREN are not obedient this year. The connotation will change the meaning. Go through the reading samples, or get one yourself, and you'll see.

Technically speaking, this all means there are a minimum of more than two or three thousand (64 * 6 * (2 + 5 +1 + ...)) fortunes. Your life will definitely be different from someone with the same birth time, but the Karma Calculator Fortune Reading will be able to summarize the basic fortune template for the year, as well as the various derivations and split offs of the basic fortune pattern. Karma can at times be calculated, and the karmic issues that will arise during your year will be identified by the Karma Calculator. Good stuff, bad stuff - it's fun to find out what's coming up, especially the good stuff as the bad stuff never lasts forever.

The Karma Calculator is like standing at the center of a 360 degree circle and choosing which degree of the circle to face outwards looking into the distance with your binoculars. You'll have the right life issues in sight if you've oriented yourself correctly on the right circle degree, and you'll have big clarity or little clarity of resolution on those issues based on the focus of your binoculars.

That's the best analogy I can give you to explain it. Different people with the same fortune will have a different focus of the binoculars, even if pointed in the same direction, so they'll see an unfocused similarity in the basic pattern with some things more definite for them than for you in the picture. It's amazing that the Chinese sages were able to formulate karmic patterns like this in the first place.

Q: I know the method used to produce a Karma Calculator Fortune Reading is private, but is it a Chinese astrology method, feng shui method, I-Ching method or something else?

A: Actually, it's a method unto itself -- an entirely new technique -- which uses unique aspects of all of the systems you mentioned. It's not totally Chinese astrology, though I sometimes use that term loosely since that's what most people understand. It isn't a pure I-Ching method either, though it employs the symbology of the I-Ching to present your fortune in a compact form. The I-Ching is absolutely the best form for summarizing and transmitting fortune details just as Buddhist terminology seems to be the best for talking about spiritual cultivation and Taoist vocabulary seems best for discussing the physical body changes or gong-fu (kung-fu) that happen with spiritual cultivation.

Behind the scenes, I can tell you that the the Chinese Karma Calculator also depends upon the Chinese astrological calendar, uses the twelve house system of Western and Vedic astrology (though with different house meanings), and employs a transformation numerological system only found in Chinese Taoist literature. Wow, it's using a mix mosh of everything! No I didn't invent the method -- it was taught to me by a master who passed away, and he was the only one I know of who had mastered the system. Perhaps there are others but you are unlikely to find them and they certainly have not spent thousands of dollars translating the course materials into English.

I wish I could say that the Karma Calculator system is simply Chinese astrology, or Chinese I-Ching, or Chinese feng shui, Tzu Wei, Ba Tzu, Iron Abacus astrology or something else but it's none of these even though it uses parts of all of them. It's unique. That's why you should get yourself a reading and start using it. You have never had this information available before, and you can only get it here. The Chinese don't even have it available anymore.

Q: How do I change my Fortune once I have a reading?

A: In many years the Karma Calculator automatically tells you what to do, how to act, how to hold yourself and so forth to change your fortune. It might say that to seek wealth for that year you need a partner, or group of three people working together, or do it alone. It might say to keep quiet that year to stay out of trouble or act more aggressively or handle things immediately. It might tell you to pray that year because it's going to be a bad one no matter what (which happens in cases of fixed bad karma). I'd heed its advice when it gives you some kind of warning.

However, the really big information on how to change your fate, fortune and destiny, which means how to change your karma in THIS LIFE, is the book "White Fat Cow" at I don't care who you are or what you've read or think you know about changing your fortune, but this book is the only one that tells you how to honestly do it because it tells you how to change karma. There is nothing like this out there, so just read the testimonials for the book. Like this method, it's an undiscovered diamond set in platinum, silver and gold along with rubies, emeralds, sapphires, pearls and all sorts of other rare precious gemstones that you cannot find anywhere else.

It's like a mountain of gold if you really want to change your life. Most everything else out there is hogwash if it doesn't talk about the karmic underpinnings of fate set to manifest in this life, so you can believe and wish and pray and visualize all you want, but if the karma isn't there you are not going to attract or manifest anything. If you were to go to a sage or enlightened saint of any religion, however, they'd give you the formula in this book. Truly paradigm busting. This is one of the classics of this century that has yet to be discovered.

Q: Can anyone get a reading?

A: Yes, as long as they know their birth information. The only restriction I have is not producing fortunes for very young children. You can do it after about age 5, but I follow the Hindu Jyotish injunctions not to do that. At that age, the fortune of a child is meaningless as it usually just follows the fortunes of the parents anyway, and in the old days people wouldn't do a fortune for a child unless it survived to the teenage years since the child mortality rate was so great.

As a child becomes a teenager, however, and starts thinking for themselves or earning their own living, then their own fortune becomes their own. So a Fortune Reading might be extremely useful for a child star who's already making a lot of money and interacting in the big world, but for a regular child I'd say "save your money" anyway.

Q: How do I pay for a reading?

A: Just click on the Paypal link, which accepts credit cards. I don't have a merchant account, so I cannot process credit cards but just handle this through Paypal and its credit card processing.

Q: Why is a Karma Calculator Fortune Reading so cheap compared to other methods, that frankly, tell us much less?

A: Well, I will admit that I will be raising prices because I hope to use this to fund some charitable goals. But basically, I wanted to make it available to people who really want to know and who really want to use this sort of information. I've had dozens of all sorts of readings done for me over the years so I know the quality of information available and what it costs. This is on the, "Wow you must be kidding this is so CHEAP for what I'm getting" side.

If a reading is too inexpensive, however, it's not worth my time to compute it and also people won't value it. If it's too expensive then only the rich can afford them, who - and trust me on this because I've met a LOT of multimillionaires who tell me what they do - will use them like there's no tomorrow. Like them, you too deserve a chance to obtain and make use of this same sort of information to improve your life and your chances for achieving whatever you want to do.

So there you have it ... it costs less than twenty bucks per year.

Interested in a reading while they're still available? You can look at the order information here.

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