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How to Match a Chinese Karma Calculator Reading With the Indications of Western and Vedic Astrology

If you've had astrological readings before, whether it be Indian astrology or a Western astrology horoscope, the question naturally arises how you can match those readings with the indications given by the ancient Karma Calculator.

It's pretty simple.

The Chinese astrology Karma Calculator will first give you indications as to what will happen during the four seasons of the year.... Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. You can match these readings with the predictions provided by transits, progressions and solar returns given by Western and Vedic astrology readings.

Most importantly, the most important predictive section of the Karma Calculator reading is the yellow middle section labeled "Reading." You an see it on the examples from the samples page. If it says this is a good year for money, fame, or some other issue, all you have to do is match those citations with the indications given by your regular astrologer. Ask him or her once you have the possibility cited by the Karma Calculator.

This is the heart of the Karma Calculator reading, and the section I most refer to when I want to know what's going to happen during the year. If I take the issues cited, the possibilities cited, the events cited and then ASK a Western or Vedic astrology expert, then I'll find out for sure and even have the timing down. Too often those astrologies by themselves can't tell for sure, but if you have several methods suggesting the same thing, then you can usually count on those events.

But this main reading section is not all that's important because there's something even more interesting. Whenever there is a problem or question during the year, you can reference the "Divination" section of the Karma Calculator reading to see exact indications of what might occur or what to do to maximize your good luck or solve some unfortunate event.

These are the special gift of the Karma Calculator that took years to find and translate. When Chinese are speaking amongst themselves and use the Karma Calculator, this is the section they focus on most.

To see these sections and what they say for you in your own personalized Karma Calculator reading, go here now.

Chinese Astrology Predictions - Karma Calculator
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