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5 Things to Do Immediately After Chinese New Years Day

Chinese New Year arrives, and the new year begins. I've always felt that Chinese Lunar New Year was special as compared to the western new years day of January 1, which seems sort of artificial.

During the Chinese New Year festival season, all business seems to shut down in Asia, and friends and family gather together to renew their friendship and social bonds. Because this is the New Year, there are several things you should do to start it right.

1. First, offer thanks. Thanks to your family, friends and colleagues for their help this past year, and thanks to Heaven for the protection provided during the year.

2. Pray for similar blessings this coming year. Give thanks for the past, offer prayers for the future.

3. Clean the house and put things into order. There's nothing like a clean house to welcome the New Year. Putting things in their proper places, and getting rid of things you no longer need gives you new space for the good things about to arrive.

4. Next, make New Years resolutions, plans or commitments for what you want to do, experience or accomplish during this new year. This is very important. It's the reason some people live an extraordinary life, and others don't.

Here's how to do it the most effectively:

Go out and buy a little notebook for $1.49 or so. On the first page, write down all the things you want to do this year that you know you should do and want to do. This list might include trips you want to take, buying certain items, reading books, taking courses, starting a business -- whatever. These are the things you want to do, not what your parents, children, friends or spouse desire. During the year you're going to look at this list time and again and schedule out when to accomplish them.

Here's make a page in your book for every month of year. When each month comes, take off a day looking at your larger list, and write down from the yearly list what you want to accomplish THIS MONTH. Keep this list book open on a counter or table, and every day look at it to push yourself to do those things you've identified as what you want to do and accomplish. When done, check them off or cross them off.

If you do this every year, I guarantee that when the next new year comes around, you'll have done more, seen more, experienced more and lived more than your friends who just floated in the wind.

5. This is a bit esoteric, but was a method taught to me by a feng shui master whose teacher would charge USD$10,000 for this advice. Yes, $10,000 for the following feng shui "secret"...

Let's say this year's fortune is not that good. On the morning of Chinese New Years day, get up before sunrise and start walking eastward for one hour during the time of the rising of the sun, absorbing the sun's rays. Don't turn left or right, but keep walking straight eastwards absorbing these special feng shui energies, which will give you the energy to triumph over difficulties during the year.

How long should you walk? As far as possible, never deviating from a direct line into the sun to absorb the energies of the New Year.

I can't vouch for this method, but when anyone tells me of a method that costs $10,000, I usually listen and then pass it on to others if I can. I actually think getting a Karma Calculator reading, and following its advice, is far, far more powerful than this esoteric tip.

Want to see what your Chinese fortune is for the coming Chinese New Year? Order a Chinese astrology karma calculator reading and see for yourself.

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