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How to Use a Chinese Horoscope Reading to Change Your Future

Most people get any type of horoscope, astrology, numerology or other fate fortune telling reading in order to know their future, and then learn how you can change it.

In Chinese fortune telling, there are several ways to change your fortune called "remedial measures." This involves determining which of the five elements of your birth chart - water, wood, fire, earth or metal - is deficient for the year or month in question, and then supplementing those elemental forces by surrounding yourself with elements giving off that type of chi (qi) or life force.

The highest way, however, is by changing your thoughts and behavior. If you change your thoughts and habit actions, you can change your fortune. In which way do you turn? Without looking at someone's Chinese horoscope, the best bet is to encourage someone to be more virtuous -- more kind, compassionate, forgiving and especially charitable...everything we behaviorally consider a "virtue."

In the long run, this is the only way to change your life by changing your responses to what's ailing you, and by generating new good karma and merit this very life so that the returns happen in this life. That's what changes someone's fortune. Lots of charity and selfless work for others.

However, for specific situations that arise, try taking the advice of the Chinese astrology karma calculator.

If you have a lawsuit and it says to use a lawyer with the "kou" sound in their name, then when you're looking for a lawyer, be on the lookout for someone with a similar sound intheir name. It doesn't have to be exact (because Chinese pronunciations don't necessarily translate into English perfectly), just approximate.

If your karma calculator reading says making profits this year won't be easy unless two people seek together, consider a partnership if it's been in the back of your mind. If it says seek in the North East, then pay special attention to that region. Once you see the advice, you'll know how to apply it.

If you're thinking of marriage this year and the fortune suggests waiting, consider waiting. You don't have to follow the fortune, but please do step back, look at your situation dispassionately from the outside, and see what it has to say. Normally we're too close to a situation to see things clearly, and the warnings or reminders from the fortune calculator help us break through our mind freeze to view things as they really are.

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