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Ex-Chinese Horoscope Master Reveals the Secrets to a Wonderful Life

Everyone has a time when they first started learning about some new subject or topic of interest.

When I first started studying Chinese fortune prediction methods myself, I would visit Chinese astrologers and ask them what big life lessons they personally had learned from computing, examining and counseling thousands of people's on their fortunes. That's a question I often ask experienced experts in any field so that I travel up the learning curve extremely fast.

Typically people only get an astrological reading only when there's trouble, which is why some astrologers call their business "Misery 'R Us." With that in mind, I want you to know that two master Chinese astrologers, both experts at the ultra expensive Iron Abacus astrology technique, came to similar conclusions when I asked them this question.

One said: "What I've learned from studying thousands of fortunes is that nobody has a perfect life. Something is always wrong, so be content with whatever you have. Fate has worked it so that no one has a perfect fortune. Perhaps you're extremely wealthy, but your marriage and family relationships are a mess. Or perhaps you have a wonderful family life, but you're always sick, or poor or in a relationship debt to other people. I've never seen a great life in all the factors that matter. So my advice to you is to make your peace with what you have, strive to make it better, but be content."

The second astrologer said something very similar: "I've seen so much trouble and misery in my years of giving Chinese astrology readings. At first I didn't even believe in Chinese astrology until I kept seeing for myself that time and again it's indications would come true. And because people always ran into so many difficulties, I have this advice which I've also always observed to be true: practice lots of good deeds and charity if you want to make your life better. Help others, and you'll end up helping yourself. If you want a better life - a wonderful life -, the best way to find it is from selfless service to others. That's my life's advice from so many years at this."

So there you have it. Everyone will experience ups and downs in life, even kings and queens, the ultra rich, and famous actors and actresses who people envy. No one has it perfect.

As a result, the first principle for living a wonderful life is learning contentment. Never cease striving to make your situation better, but learn to be peaceful and accept what you have.

Second, if you really want to enjoy life and find meaning in it, if you want it to get better, there is no better way other than helping others. Charity, donations, help and assistance to those who need it is the key to living your own wonderful life.

K.N. Rao, a modern Indian astrologer of some renown, traveled India meeting countless astrologers and great spiritual teachers, becoming a great expert on the topic of predicting fate and testing remedial measures that help you change your fortune. On the topic of having religious ceremonies performed to help solve an individual's difficulties of fortune, he once remarked: "If you have a lot of money which you could spend on homa , give it to charity, help a needy person and the needy person's blessings will also help you overcome the misfortunes indicated planetarily. This answer makes people unhappy [as they would rather have a religious ceremony performed]. But, after 30 years, I have seen this alone happening."

However, remember that you can also change your fortune by changing your behavior so that the karma that was due to manifest via bad behavior no longer gets an opportunity. In many cases, the Karma Calculator will tell you what to do to change your fortune for the better.

Lastly, also remember Liao Fan's Four Lessons and White Fat Cow which tell you how to break the chains of fate and experience a new life outside the bounds of the karma you've already built.

Those are the keys to a wonderful life. Accept what comes, but strive for a new fortune with contentment. Always offer charity, and practice kindness and virtue.


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