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The Most Powerful Dating Advice You'll Ever Receive is "Look Through Activity Rather Than Just Passively Hope and Wait"

I'm about to give you some of the most important dating advice you'll ever receive.

First, if you want to meet someone, then get out there to mix and mingle. As a famous I-Ching master once said, "If there is no motion or movement you cannot divine. Only if there is movement can you predict a fortune."

So if you want to meet someone, open yourself up and get out there, get active. I don't care if that means, or whatever, just do one of them or start going to other social functions. Start something. Make yourself actively available.

Expecting to meet someone when doing nothing, like expecting the perfect job to fall into our laps, just doesn't happen unless we work at it. We see the perfect unexpected meeting featured in the movies all the time, but if it really happened in regular life, we'd all be dating or happily married already. We're not -- it takes work to find someone. Sometimes you're lucky, but if you're expecting that, then have someone compute the astrological times that are favorable for meeting someone, and then put yourself out there THEN.

I also want you to consider this. You want to meet someone, which means someone new. However, most people are naturally scared and wary of an unknown individual introducing themselves because we don't know their background. What people really want is when they meet someone because he or she is introduced to them and their background is known. If you don't therefore put yourself in a situation where that will happen, what can you expect other than another dateless evening?

But how do you meet new people when introductions aren't coming? By once again getting out there and going to where the opposite sex is. Men, I advise you to go to community theater ... you'll be one of the few males there but there will be lots of women. Women, go to investment conferences and business achievement classes, because that's where the men are who are likely to ask you out. And if you're worried about finding men with jobs and income, this is where you'll find them ... and learn something through the doing.

Most important of all, join a dating site. The matchmaker of yester year no longer exists, but the dating site does. Be specific about what you're looking for, and then you'll maximize your chances of finding it. Yes, be specific rather than open to all, otherwise you'll get lots of ALL and the large influx will cause indecision. If you don't find someone, at least you can say you put in the effort. The big thing in life is not if you fail, but if you didn't try. Retired people tell me time and again they never regret what didn't work out, but they always regret what they didn't try but wanted to do.

But also a word of prudence: you can't judge someone by what they write on these sites. Meeting someone, rather than a battle of emails and phone talks, is the only way to truly know. Trust your gut. First thoughts are usually right.

Now let's say you find someone and you're wondering about getting serious. Trust your FIRST instinct again. That's usually right.

In terms of astrology, don't worry about someone not being a "perfect match" because a perfect match doesn't exist. Don't overly focus on sign compatibility or astrological compatibility, because karma is behind everything and determining a horoscope or love compatibility level is more than just matching zodiac signs.

So don't worry about lack of perfection. Worry about dating (or marrying) a lousy match, which often happens when you get involved with someone for the wrong reasons or for short term reasons . The truth is that lousy matches (poor compatibility scores) almost always stay lousy, and even great matches still might lack the chemistry or karma for that special spark. The middle of the road matches are perfectly fine because they have the potential to become better if you work on them. If you get out there, you're putting yourself in the position where karma can finally grab hold of something and manifest.

In the dating books they say that if someone is a "70 out of 100", they have the potential to grow into a 80, 90 or above! But if they're below a 70, it's unlikely that anything they ever do or say will bring them over that interest threshold. That's just the way it is. So once again, don't focus on searching for the "great" match of that perfect woman or man. Just focus on avoiding the bad match, and above average compatibility but not perfect compatibility. Then you'll be dating in no time.

And by the way, the Karma Calculator often gives readings saying this is a great year for romance. Just today a fiend wanted to know when she might get married, we checked her readings, and two years from now she has a Marriage plot line in store should she choose it. She's excited, I'm excited for her ... it's just the Karma Calculator doing its thing.

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