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Your Personal Karma Calculator Reading Will Reveal Upcoming Life Events Unknown to Other Western, Indian, or Chinese Astrology Horoscope Techniques ... Guaranteed!

The Chinese Karma Calculator readings are unique in the world of Chinese astrology horoscopes and predictions. They're unique in the world of Western astrology horoscopes and Vedic astrology (Jyotish) as well. They are SIMPLY UNIQUE -- because they combine several systems they are a new class of prediction technique that are not duplicated elsewhere, and reveal secrets of your life, fate, fortune, karma and destiny that cannot be found through other methods.

The ancient Chinese texts used for the Karma Calculator readings have never been fully translated into English previously, so they are only available with your personal Karma Calculator reading. The method for determining which fortune is yours this year isn't published anywhere and the previous Chinese master of the technique has passed away. So both the unique method for computing your Karma Calculator secrets and the fortunes themselves are only available here on this little website.

What will a Karma Calculator fortune tell you?

An actual fortune for a year is typically 3 FULL pages long. Please take a look at the Sample Full Readings, and Reading Explanations and Instructions, and you'll see for yourself samples and how to read them. On this page, I'll summarize just a few highlights of the main Fortune Report that you get for each year of the past or future.

For each year of life, a special I-Ching astrological hexagram is calculated that details the fortune secrets for your year. This hexagram reveals all sorts of background information for the year as well as specific details and events -- what issues you can expect to be working through and experiencing all year long.

An ancient woodblock print created by ancient Taoist sages is revealed for each year of your life that also contains yearly fortune secrets, too. A series of sentences to the right will interpret the meaning of the picture and its meaning for the year as regards your fortune.

The picture might show drawings of a dog, horse, rat, tiger, ox, dragon and other animals that represent good or bad calendar times during the year, or someone born in those Chinese years who will play a role in your fortune that year. So if your picture shows a picture of an ox and says there's good fortune at the time of the ox, it could mean someone born in the Year of the Ox or simply good times in the Chinese month of the Ox, which is lunar December. The date correspondences and more explanations of this section are found on our explanations page.

Your year's Chinese astrology fortune is next broken down into the four seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, and your reading indicates how you can expect each of the seasons to go. Western or Vedic astrology transits and progressions can amplify these indications, but when they suggest the very same events as the Karma Calculator regarding wealth or loss, good times or bad times, then brace yourself for the what lies ahead. That means something is coming, and it's exciting to know it ahead of time...

Next we have the specific Main Reading for the year. This is the most important section that tells you how the year will go, and what you can expect in terms of events, temperament, atmosphere and issues. It also usually offers advice on what to do so that all turns out well. This is what I always focus on, and it's uncanningly accurate. You have to take this reading, which comes from the ancient Chinese, and mentally translate it into modern day equivalents so that the correspondences match. Knowing your job and living situation, this changes the translation as well.

Depending upon whether you are a person of outstanding good luck and merit or just an ordinary individual, the reading is broken into two parts. Then, depending upon whether you might be a businessman, government official, military officer, farmer, student or just a regular person (other than any occupations it specifically cites), there are usually specific indications for the year with advice on what to do or expect. So one year will have multiple meanings or possibilities depending upon your level of good fortune and your occupation. Men and women, or male and female, with the exact same birth time always get different readings for the year, too.

In other words, the year might be great for a businessman, but lousy for someone in the army. This is the section that tells you what to expect for the year ahead (issues and events) and it's highly accurate with a tremendous success ratio. Here's a sample:

Ancient Chinese sages loved poetry, and so the bottom part of this section provides two or three poems that tell you how to conduct yourself through the year to maximize your good fortune and avoid bad fortune. You'll receive advice on how to change your fortune here, and in the hexagram itself.

The great thing is that since the Karma Calculator knows your future, it can tell you how to avoid problems if you change your behavior, and that's often what it does. Or, it simply celebrates the good times that are coming, which is always a joy when long sought for events finally arise. Chinese astrology by itself cannot help you do this, but the Karma Calculator - since it's neither Chinese I-Ching, numerology, or Chinese astrology or feng shui - can.

For instance, for this particular sample we already know that the individual will succeed only by following someone else that year, depending on them and listening to their advice. They may have problems with their helpers, inferiors, etc. so must always check on what they are doing this year. That's where the problem will particularly lie amidst this success, so that's what they have to keep an eye on (great advice if you run a business). If the individual ends up working with people born in the Year of the Horse or Sheep, they can definitely set out to accomplish some big tasks, projects or endeavors this year. But the big point this year is to look for a mentor, leader, consultant, boss, sage, influential person etc. who can help you and by following them, that's where your success will lie. Don't do it on your own.

Oh, I forgot - this is also a year a woman may find a husband, or a strange accident may occur to any sons in the family (or inferiors or people who are like sons to you).

Following this we have a section where the Hexagram for the year is transformed several different ways that give extra indications of your heath (mind body), close personal relationships, and external worldly relationships that might not appear in your yearly fortune. This is where some secrets will appear that cannot be found in other fortune telling methods. For those who study the I-Ching, this section teaches how all the fortune indications interrelate to one another through the complicated mathematics of I-Ching transformations combined with lunar astronomy.

Lastly, we have the secret divination indications for wealth, traveling, marriage, housing, job hunting, lawsuits, and so forth for the year. Generally there are about 20-21 sections in total (I'm only showing a few in this small clipping to save space) but they only matter if that situation arises during the year necessitating a look up of the fortune.Only when a lawsuit arises do you look at the lawsuit section; if it doesn't occur you ignore the indications. The same holds for every section including health, seeking employment, marriage, pregnancy, etc. A sample reading will show you the indications for a year.

The information in these Karma Calculator readings is sometimes so accurate in summarizing situations and highlighting unusual details that they can serve as a virtual biography of your life (in fact, you could write your own autobiography using them as your outline).

I GUARANTEE that you'll be referring to them over and over again once you have them. They're a precious treasure that you'll use as long as you live to help you through life's bad years, and as a happy generator when you need to scan the future and look forward to the good times ahead because it has those, too. There's peace of mind when it tells you that good times are around the corner with wealth, finances, romance and the other things we pursue in life. It's all there in the Karma Calculator.


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