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You probably already know that the Chinese zodiac used for Chinese horoscopes is based on twelve animal signs, one animal for each year in the twelve year Chinese calendar. You might also know that the Chinese typically ask your zodiac sign because they want to determine their zodiac compatibility potential with you in terms of business, friendship or even romantic relationships.

Because the planet Jupiter takes about one year to pass through a Western or Vedic astrology sign in the Heavens, you should know that each Chinese animal sign is roughly equivalent to the astrological meaning of planet Jupiter in one of the astrology signs of the Heavens. When Chinese are asking your animal sign, they're really computing a compatilbility test between your Jupiter and their Jupiter, though they don't really know that.

When Western astrologers talk about zodiac compatibility or love compatibility, they always talk about love signs matching, but these astrology signs refer to the solar month. These are the astrological signs for the month of birth, rather than year. When Chinese astrologers compute love compatibility, their simplest technique is to look at the animal signs of the years a couple were born under to see if those match. The month, in the simplest matching technique, is ignored.

The possibilities are that these animal signs can be opposite one another (not a good match), the same sign as one another (a conjunction), trine each other (a great match), or something else in-between. The 120 degree trine of Western astrology is found in Chinese fortune telling by the fact that each Chinese zodiac animal sign has two best friends with which it's most compatible, spaced four years apart.

That, in essence, is the basis of Chinese love compatibility, and how it differs from Western compatibility. But actually, Chinese astrology signs compatibility readings are much more complicated than that. Some Chinese zodiac animal signs are much more compatible with other signs than you'd expect. Dogs, for instance, tend to get along with lots of signs whereas Snakes have much more conflicts than is common. The strength of the friendship or compatibility between the Rat, Dragon and Monkey is far stronger than the friendship between Tiger, Horse and Dog.

All sorts of factors come into play, so don't base a dating or love matching decision based on just the year of birth alone. Astrological compatibility is more complicated than that.


Because if you want to find your true compatibility with an individual, you shouldn't just compare the years you were born. You should also compare the months, days and then animal signs for the hours of birth! Even a bad match will have a year in which the match is a good thing, too! Each set of Chinese zodiac animal signs has its own degree of compatibility, and it's the sum of these compatibility measures that gives a true indication of your long term compatibility with another. With divorce rates at 50% and climbing nowadays, you're advised to take heed of this information!

So what are the general Chinese compatibility indications you should know about? Just check the chart below, and don't worry about the BEST match, but focus on the WORST possible match as the thing to avoid. You can always make an OKAY match better, but it's hard to make a lousy match okay. Karma comes into play everywhere, with couples owing one another in some way or another, so also remember that these are just general indications of the strength of Chinese horoscope compatibility or friendship between Chinese animal signs:

Rat Rat, Dragon, Monkey Tiger, Horse, Sheep Horse
Ox Rabbit, Snake, Rooster Tiger, Sheep, Monkey Sheep
Tiger Horse, Dog Snake, Monkey Monkey
Rabbit Ox, Rabbit, Sheep, Dog, Pig Monkey, Rooster Rooster
Dragon Rat, Dragon, Monkey Dog Dog
Snake Ox, Dragon, Snake, Rooster, Dog Tiger, Horse, Monkey, Pig Pig
Horse Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Sheep, Dog Rat, Snake Rat
Sheep Rabbit, Horse, Sheep, Pig Ox Ox
Monkey Rat, Dragon, Monkey Tiger Tiger
Rooster Ox, Dragon, Snake Rabbit Rabbit
Dog Rat, Tiger, Rabbit, Snake, Horse, Monkey Dragon Dragon
Pig Rat, Rabbit, Dragon, Sheep, Pig Snake, Rooster Snake

So what does the Chinese Karma Calculator prediction method say about these sorts of matches?

It will tell you the years you're likely to meet someone, likely to get married, likely to have relationship troubles and so on. Unlike most other astrological methods, this one is pretty accurate when it comes to relationships. The Karma Calculator tells you what will happen THIS YEAR in the field of relationships. Marriage, dating, good or bad, it tells you EXPLICITLY what to expect. Don't waste your money on dating services before you get a reading that tells you when the fruit is ripe to be picked, and remember you can use the reading's indications for many years.

The Karma Calculator reading is invaluable this way.

If you're interested in getting a Chinese astrology Karma Calculator Fortune Reading, which just might indicate the years ahead where love is smack on the horizon or where there are strong indications for "Marriage" or "Romance" - or even pregnancy - just go to the order button now! Someone just wrote that their wife and him had readings that said the delivery of their baby would be dangerous, and sure enough it was a premature birth with lots of complications. However, because they knew of this possibility through the reading, they were prepared and made the right medical decisions. For relationships and in describing the marriage partner, it is also often as accurate.

When you know the years that are ripe for relationships, those are the ones to push a little harder in your seeking efforts (online dating, socials, parties, travel, etc.) because those are the years which will more readily bear fruit even if the tree has been fruitless for a long time and you don't think it will ever blossom. So now there's an alternative to love sign matching, romance horoscopes and computing astrological compatibility times. Because this method peeks into your fate, it's far more accurate. You shouldn't go without one.

That's how you use a Karma Calculator Fortune Reading to its maximum benefit.

Chinese Astrology Predictions - Karma Calculator
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