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How to Positively, Absolutely Change Your Life for the Better - NOW - With a Karma Calculator Reading of Personal Prophecies for You!

Just check the samples and see ... the ancient Karma Calculator fortune reading will not only tell you what will happen each year of life, but will tell you what to do in each year to make your life better and to avoid problems or make them go away. That's why it's so gosh darn useful!

But what about the bigger picture of changing life in general ... such as becoming rich if you are not, healthy if you are not, famous if you are not, married if you are not, and so on? Things you want to accomplish for life in general that are not events that happen in one year...

The big question in life is not so much "What will happen," but, "How do I change my fortune for the better because I don't like what is happening now ... and by the way, how long is this current situation supposed to last?"

Similarly, you might say that the big picture question is this: "How do I make what I want to occur happen? What do I have to do? "

I want you to forget all those claims about thinking positively to cause good things to occur in life, or how opening yourself up with thought or visualization will attract to you what you want in life. These things have absolutely no guarantee of success, and there are quite a few charlatans spouting this stuff because they can get big money making promises that have no measurement system of accountability attached to them.

Yes, these factors are all true just a little bit and can play a role in shaping a new future, but relying on them is also cheating you from the real truth. If you want a million dollars, you're going to have to create a million dollars worth of value to others (merit) in order to get it, so there's work to be done. No merit? Then no money!

There's also a secret these promoters aren't telling you about when they say that you can simply attract whatever you want into your life.

Want to know what it is?

You have to have already built the karma for it to happen. "No karma for it" means wish, think, pray and attract all you want, but you aren't going to get anything. You didn't build up the specific merit and karma for it to happen.

If you don't have the karma for an event, situation, circumstance, manifestation to occur -- if you haven't already built up the karma from past lives or in this life for some manifestation or unfoldment to begin -- then all the thinking, wishing, affirmations, visualizing, and even praying in the world cannot and will not bring about the future you desire. Results in life are karma dependent. You reap what you sow, and without any sowing, but just wishing, you'll get nothing despite a ton of mental efforts... even if people tell you otherwise.

In short, you have to have the previous karma for something in order for it to occur. So all the thinking, wishing, and attraction magic in the world cannot bring you a fortune you have no karma for. However, if you fix your mind on some target or objective and work towards it in 6 different ways, then yes you can expect the achievement you want to some degree.

You have to have worked for something for it to occur, even seemingly out of nothing like some "undeserved" stroke of luck. When luck comes easy without any effort, that's because you have the karma for some manifestation because you've already put in the work previously. That's why some people win the lottery and others don't. It's not luck, it's karmic pay back time for great merit those winners performed in the past to help countless others.

So how do you create the future you want if these "attraction" claims don't work?

There's an ancient book from China that was written on this topic called "Liao Fan's Four Lessons", and you can easily find it on the web. This book has been so popular that over the centuries it has been copycatted numerous times. When you read books like "Think and Grow Rich" for changing your fortune, they are nothing compared to the truths within "Liao Fan's Four Lessons."

I encourage you to read "Liao Fan's Four Lessons." More importantly, however, I encourage you to pick up a copy of White Fat Cow: How to Change Your Fate, Fortune and Destiny Through the 6M Method of Merit, Mantra, Meditation, Motivation, Method and Monitoring . This author really has finally put down the real truth for how you can create the life you want, and it washes all the self-help books away. They honestly become meaningless next to the real truth finally revealed in this book, and it took hundreds of years for someone to put it all together. Their content is nonsense compared to the truth within this work, and my hat goes off to the author because this is the new paradigm that really and truly explains good fortune and bad, and life achievement, enjoyment, riches, unfoldment or whatever you want to call it.

The big secret is that your future is in your own hands, and the author teaches you how to control it if you really want to on both a physical and metaphysical level.

The secret?

Yes, you have to have Motivation to create the fortune you want. That's the idea of having a dream and setting goals; if you don't have a clear target, goal or objective then you don't have any motivation to achieve it. You also have to have a Method or Model for bringing it about, and must work the plan with wisdom flexibility. Sometimes that's called Massive Intelligent Action. You should also have a Measuring or Monitoring system you can use as a feedback mechanism or Reality Check to keep you on course for the manifestation you're working towards.

That's what the typical "Think and Grow Rich," self-help crowd writes about. But they're totally blind in missing the other half of the equation spoken of by the sages, which explains why some people get what they want and others don't even after following all these steps. No matter how much you apply yourself doing all the right things, some people will never become Oprahs, Bill Gates, Donald Trumps or Bruce Jenners. However, the New Agers love to tell people to dream dreams and spout baseless wiffy ideas that promise results for nothing (and whose truthfulness cannot be confirmed), so being a New Ager who isn't held to any sort of accountability yardstick is a great way to make a living while misleading people.

What the sages tell us, from most all the genuine religions and spiritual paths, is that the secret to making these efforts successful and changing your fortune is the following: you have to learn Meditation so that thoughts don't control you, and thus begin to create a future you want in spite of past thought habits and patterns that might inhibit you or impel you down the opposite road desired. In detaching from the impulses and inclinations that compel you down your old fortune path, you slowly become free to create a new fortune you desire. If you want to learn meditation, the Meditate 7 Different Ways may be helpful.

You must also Mantra or pray to Heaven for help in manifesting a new future that is beyond the bounds or limits of the karma you've created in past lives that's due to manifest in this life. Why? Because you need help if you want to truly go beyond what your previous karmic path had in store. The Zhunti Mantra is one of the most powerful ones available for changing your fortune and the one I recommend because it opens up your heart chakra, which is necessary for enlightenment. Even the Zen school teaches people to recite the Zhunti mantra for both changing their fortunes and preparing them for the Tao.

Most important of all, you must perform lots of acts of Merit - charity, kindness, helpfulness, virtuous living, fearlessness and offerings so that this merit can be spent on building the future you want. Without sufficient merit, then even with these other efforts you're not destined to succeed. You need merit as a form of wealth to spend on creating the future you desire. The bigger your merit, the bigger your fortune.

All these modern self-help, self-empowerment, mind-body books miss this last set of 3 M's, which is the real spiritual or metaphysical secret behind manifestation or building the future you want. And guess what? It requires work, so don't kid yourself that you can get something for nothing. There's no such thing as a free stroke of luck from pure imagination, wishing or attraction that depends on universal principles and gives you whatever you desire because "you deserve it." Otherwise everyone would be a millionaire, including all these gurus. Karmic causes are the only reason anyone deserves anything because this world is built on cause and effect; no causes, no effects. If you karmic merit is insufficient, you'll never achieve or enjoy what you desire.

Translation: you have to build the future you deserve; the future you've built is what you deserve. To change the future or present, you have to change yourself and build a new future according to spiritual and material principles. Most of all, you have to amass a stock of good deeds so that you merit the fortune you seek. But how to accumulate that mass of merit in time? See White Fat Cow, as it explains everything. This answer might not be popular, because people all want to believe in the "wish and you can have it" dream, but it's the way fortunes really work.

Liao Fan's Four Lessons explain this in a minor way, but White Fat Cow goes much further and is far better because it not only goes into these factors, but also discusses all sorts of supernatural tales of individuals who changed their fortunes, how they did it, why it worked, and how you can do it, too. The self-help crowd reasonings are superficial compared to the depth of understanding presented in this book. This one really explains how manifestation works, and how to change your fortune and get the life you want.

Go get it -- White Fat Cow and start changing your life today. A Karma Calculator reading can help you change each year of your life, but if you want to accomplish big goals and grand schemes, you need consistent actions that are executed over the long run. White Fat Cow tells you how to make and work such a plan to create a future fortune you want. Get it, read it, ponder it, use it ... and teach it to your kids, as it contains the formula for achievement that they'll wish to know as well.

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