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Is Bad Feng Shui Destroying Your Home?

The dog just ran away. The kitchen sink broke. Daughter Sally has the flu. You're gaining weight and stress levels are increasing. There's trouble at work. You always seem to be sick. Everyone is fighting inside the family.

What's going on? Could it possibly be the result of feng shui?

The environment always contributes to what's going on in your life, but to say these things are happening because of poisonous feng shui is probably just ignoring the fact that life has ups and downs, good times and bad times, and bad things just happen. It's more of a fortune, luck or astrological thing (transits and progressions) than a feng shui type phenomena.

This is not to say that some houses DO have bad feng shui because of where they are located, such as near a cemetery, or with "poison arrows" pointing at them such as the sharp corners of other buildings or busy roads headed directly for the house. Sharp chi that's sent into a house always causes p[roblems sooner or later.

Now you can have a feng shui expert look at things (especially if you're getting sick all the time, though this could be for a whole host of factors), but in most cases, the plain truth is that the feng shui of most residential houses or apartments just isn't that special either way, pro or con. It's usually only the stand alone houses, which seem different from all the others, that have special feng shui one way or another. And the older the house, the easier to tell the feng shui influences, too.

So when life is getting you down, think fortune (astrology) first, feng shui later. Only when a feng shui specialist sees your house and REALLY says there is a problem, without being biased by the fact that a fee is at stake, should you start looking at that. You can find out more with this Feng Shui Secrets mp3 CD (it plays on your computer) about the REAL feng shui that most people never hear about.

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