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Astro Locality Maps and Astrocartography

Say you want to move someplace different. Maybe you're thinking of a special location because you have a job offer. Or maybe you're searching for a location that has certain qualities you're seeking ... someplace where the income is better, romance is better, the social life is better, your career takes off and so on.

This is potentially a several hundred thousand dollar decision. Yes, that's right, the decision may involve hundreds of thousands of dollars if you consider the cost of a home, the cost of moving, and the income potential in the new place.

I have two suggestions for you.

First, there's a great little website called that helps you find great places to live in the USA. You simply answer a set of questions on what you like -- such as the size of the city, the geography, political climate, schools, airport access, sports arena, and so forth, and its database will search most all the major US cities to find ones that meet your criteria. I suppose it's like, but for locations.

Alright, but what if the whole world is wide open to you and you'd like to know those spots best for making money, love, career success and so forth? I recommend the astro location maps from For $50, Alphee will compute several thousand relocated birth charts and his neural network models will show you what areas of the world are best for you in terms of any parameter you want.

Here's a big caveat, however -- astrolocality and most astrocartography charts give just a static indication of good spots, and the "goodness" or "badness" of those spots changes over time due to transits and progressions of planets. So what may be a hot financial spot now may not be so great over the next five years if, for instance, Saturn is making a square or opposition to your second house (the astrological house of income) chart ruler from the relocated natal chart.

So what do you do then?

First, get a $50 set of charts done from Later I'll be doing a set of special charts for real estate success, fame, sales success, etc. but for now you have to order from Alphee. Next, take that information in hand, keep it in your mind, and ask an astro relocation specialist, like Julian Lee ( to give his take on those areas you're now interested in.

Julian will be able to tell you EXACTLY what your life will be like in a new location -- income, romance, housing, friends, career, health, etc. -- and how long that luck will last. No place stays good or bad forever. If you're about to make a move worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, don't you think that's the sort of information you should look into before you put that much money on the line?

People talk about the "prudent man" rule when managing investments, and I think NOT doing this as a form of due diligence constitutes flunking the prudent man rule. Avoiding a disaster becomes possible when you have information in your hand, which is one of the tenets behind having a Karma Calculator done. For moving or relocating, I'm also trying to give you the best advice I possibly can in recommending an chart and talk with an astro location specialist -- spend the money on someone good at this before your risk so much money, and see what they have to say.

That's how I'd use astrocartography, astro location, astro locality or relocation astrologers.

As to the Karma Calculator reading, each year it gives you advice ont he type of house to buy or not to buy at your new location. It's the Events or Divination section. If you want to find out for your new location, then order a Karma Calculator reading and see if it has somethingto say.

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